Warendorf district

1,000 PV systems in the Warendorf district

1,000 photovoltaic systems for the district of Warendorf

Currently no application possible!

Attention property owners: The district of Warendorf, together with the towns and municipalities, is promoting 1,000 new photovoltaic systems with 500 euros each. From 23 August to 13 September, applications can only be submitted via the district's website. There are still subsidies available for 27 photovoltaic systems in the district of Warendorf

"The district and all municipalities are pulling together and want to promote the expansion of photovoltaics with this programme. After all, climate protection does not only start at one's own doorstep, but also on one's own roof," agree District Administrator Dr. Olaf Gericke and mayor spokesman Dr. Alexander Berger.

"Eligible for funding are PV systems with a minimum size of four kilowatt-peak that are to be installed on a private property in the district," explains Dr Herbert Bleicher, Head of the Department of the Environment. The application process is explicitly not on a first-come, first-served basis, but all applications within the deadline have equal rights.

The number of supported installations in the individual cities and municipalities differs depending on the size of the municipality. If more applications are received for a location than can be funded, the decision is made by drawing lots. If fewer applications are received in the first application window than can be funded, there will be another opportunity to submit funding applications a few weeks later.

"In Beckum, a total of 73 systems can be funded this year," says a pleased Lena Herzog, Kimaschutz manager. The number of supported installations differs per municipality and is based on their share of the district levy.

Important to know: For the funding application, you need a quotation from a specialist company stating the performance of the system. However, the contract for the PV system may only be awarded once the notification of funding has been received. Property owners who want to use the funding programme to install a PV system should take this into account in their planning. In addition, the application must be accompanied by proof of ownership in the form of a land tax assessment, an extract from the land register, a purchase contract or similar.

Further information and the application form are available at sonnendach.waf.de.


A total of 111 applications were received for Beckum in 2022. A lottery was held to decide who would receive a grant.