Sports promotion

In its meeting on 19.05.2020, the council of the city of Beckum passed a new version of the sports promotion guidelines of the city of Beckum.

Sport is an important part of social life with high social and health policy significance. The city of Beckum promotes sport in the city area in particular by building, maintaining and providing sports facilities for practice and competition purposes as well as by granting subsidies within the framework of the budget funds made available.

Sports promotion is divided in particular into:

  • the provision of sports facilities for school and club sports and other sports communities,
  • Grants to promote youth work in sports clubs,
  • Grants towards the operating and maintenance costs of self-maintained sports facilities,
  • Grants for the purchase of sports equipment,
  • Grants for rented sports facilities,
  • Grant to promote the acquisition of the German Sports Badge,
  • Grants for association anniversaries,
  • Grants for the construction, conversion and expansion of sports facilities and for the implementation of major maintenance measures,
  • Grants for other events and measures,
  • Grants to the Stadtsportverband Beckum e. V.

When applying for grants, please note the information and deadlines in the sports funding guidelines and, when applying for usage times in the municipal sports and gymnasiums or outdoor sports facilities, the information for applying for usage times and the required application form.