A bird's eye view of Beckum

Green spaces for quality of life and climate

Plum avenue in the south of Beckum

Green spaces are areas for recreation and relaxation, they thereby increase the quality of life in settlement areas and improve the urban climate. Urban and village green spaces include not only parks, forests, green corridors, cemeteries, bodies of water, cycle paths and footpaths, sports fields and playgrounds, but also small areas such as grassed verges, planted traffic islands and even green roofs are important elements of urban green space. If green spaces are maintained close to nature, they develop into habitats for a variety of plants and animals parallel to their use by people. Ideally, they form a "green network" that runs through the entire settlement area. Green spaces are therefore indispensable for sustainable settlement development and an important component of modern urban planning.

Functions of public green spaces

  • Green spaces dampen temperature fluctuations and provide cooling, especially on hot summer days.
  • As unsealed areas, they are important for the city's groundwater balance.
  • They filter noise and dust.
  • They are habitats for animals and plants.
  • They are a recreational and natural experience space for us humans and contribute to our well-being.

Importance of public green spaces

For many people, green spaces and parks are very important in their city, as is the street green with trees. Playgrounds and sports facilities are also important. Location factors such as greenery, nature and landscape are important, for example for the choice of place of residence as well as the quality of life locally.

Public green spaces in Beckum

The green spaces in Beckum are directly connected to the surrounding landscape of the Beckum Hills, characterised by near-natural forests, streams, rolling hills and numerous quarries. The green spaces take up these structures and lead into districts and the city centre.

The south of Beckum is characterised by the "Beckumer Pflaumenallee"; this is to be closed in the coming years by the "Steinbruchallee" in the north and east to form the "Beckumer Alleenring". From this ring, radial green corridors lead into the town centre, often accompanying watercourses such as Rüenkolk, Specksbach, Siechenbach, Kollenbach and Rattbach. The central inner-city green axis is the Werse, which has been converted in recent years to be close to nature and used in a variety of ways and has become a popular local recreation area.

Herons in the lagoon at the former West Quarry

The Hellbach stream in Neubeckum leads into and out of the village with its forest and green spaces. The central natural green space in the Vellerner Straße building area leads into the centre of the village, as does an extensive network of cycle and hiking paths in all directions.

In Roland, Lake Roland with its circular hiking trail dominates, in Vellern the Stichelbach with its green spaces crosses the village as an "axis" and connects it with the landscape.

Green spaces and recreation

Green spaces have a particularly important function for recreation. Many people in Beckum use a visit to a green space to relax and to be in the fresh air. Also important are the opportunities for walking, cycling and experiencing nature. To this end, the city of Beckum has been trying for years to develop its green spaces as close to nature as possible, but also to "take the people with them".

Green space plan of the city of Beckum

Your contact person(s)

In the city area, the green spaces are subdivided according to different categories of use and functions (roadside green spaces, green spaces, forests, cemeteries, bodies of water, playgrounds, etc.) and assigned to the responsible specialised services of the city administration in a "householder" function. Thus, the responsibilities for the green spaces are regulated quite differently.

Maintenance of public green spaces, recreational facilities, forest
Urban Planning and Economic Development Service
Andreas Reske

Roadside greenery
Civil Engineering Service
Evgenij Krupskij
Christian Kleibolte

Planning, construction and development of green spaces, ecological compensation areas, watercourses, cemetery green spaces
Environment and Green Space Service

Child, Youth and Family Support Service
Sandra Oeldemann

Greenery on municipal buildings
Facility Management Service
Susanne Faust

Sports facilities
School and Sports Service
Dieter Gailus

Execution of green and tree maintenance
Eigenbetrieb Städtische Betriebe Beckum
Alfred Hagenheide