Integration Council

Integration Council

The Integration Council represents people with a migrant background in Beckum and is elected by them every five years. It is the point of contact for all political and social issues at municipal level in order to represent the interests of people with a migration background.

  • History of the Integration Council in Beckum

    Many people with a history of immigration live in Beckum. This is why active integration work also has a long tradition in Beckum. It has always been important to involve people with and without a history of immigration in integration work. As part of the amendment to Section 27 of the NRW municipal code in 2009, the formation of an integration council was provided for the first time. The Integration Council is intended to be an important political body and a political representation of all residents with a migration background.

    For this reason, elections to the Integration Council were held for the first time on 7 February 2010.

    The third Integration Council was elected on 13 September 2020. The current Integration Council of the City of Beckum consists of nine voting members, six of whom are directly elected and three of whom have been appointed by Beckum City Council.

  • Members of the current Integration Council

    Voting members:

    1. Adham BallanIndividual applicantsAdvisory Board Member
    2. dilek baturList candidate (Mosque Association Neubeckum)Advisory Board Member
    3. Mehmet Bilgic
    Individual applicantsAdvisory Board Member
    4 Havva IpekList candidate (Mosque Association Neubeckum)Advisory Board Member
    5 Heinz Jürgen Meyer
    (Deputy Chairman)
    Individual applicantsAdvisory Board Member
    6. Vildan CatakliIndividual applicantAdvisory Board Member
    7 Kathrin AverdungCDU parliamentary groupCouncillor
    8th Felix Markmeier-AgnesensSPD parliamentary groupCouncillor
    9 Karin BurtzlaffAlliance 90/The Greens GroupCouncillor

    The Integration Council election took place on 20 September 2020.
    A change in the Integration Council took place on 26 October 2022.

  • Tasks and goals of the Integration Council

    The Integration Council has already set itself some goals that need to be implemented in the foreseeable future. These goals are, among others:

    • Representation of all Beckum residents with a migration background vis-à-vis politics, administration and the general public
    • Link to authorities such as the district of Warendorf (to the Foreigners' Registration Office or the Job Centre) or to the city of Beckum (to the Citizens' Registration Office or the Social Welfare Office) in order to avoid barriers in this way.
    • Cooperation with migration associations
    • Networking and public relations work with full-time and voluntary organisations involved in integration work
    • Organisation and implementation of various intercultural events such as the festival of cultures "Hand in Hand" or the international football tournament
  • Contact options of the Integration Council

    The individual members of the Integration Council can be reached via the e-mail box Integrationsrat-Beckum(at) If additional personal office hours are offered in the future, we will inform you here. If you have any questions, the managing director of the Integration Council, Mr May-Neitemann, is also available.

  • Language skills of the integration members

    The members of the integration council are available at all times for all concerns of migrants in Beckum. The members of the Integration Council have language skills in the languages listed below:

    • German
    • English
    • Turkish
    • Arabic
    • Russian
    • Kurdish
    • Aramaic

The integration council of the city of Beckum adopted the educational guide in its meeting on 28 November 2018. The educational guide is intended to give parents with a migration background an understanding of the school system and an overview of the school landscape in Beckum.