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Not every child is lucky enough to grow up in an intact family

The foster child service looks after and advises all foster parents and those who want to become foster parents. We offer comprehensive support, also in cooperation with other institutions. At further training courses and foster parent seminars, we provide training and advice on specific topics related to foster children. We also provide information about financial assistance.

There are three types of care:

Stand-by care
In acute crisis situations, stand-by care serves to provide short-term and brief assistance so that a further perspective can be opened up.

Short-term care
If an unforeseeable event occurs (for example, an accident to the parents), short-term care provides a family substitute for a limited period of time (six months at the longest).

Permanent care
Permanent care is intended to establish and secure a safe and lasting bond with the foster family.

Foster parents: A perspective for you?

We are always happy to hear from interested couples or families who can imagine and are able to take in a child temporarily or permanently.

This requires understanding and tolerance for the child's living situation and background. Good foster parents give a child the feeling of having arrived and being accepted. Foster parents need empathy, time, energy, patience and resilience, sufficient living space, a child-friendly environment and joy in living with a child.