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Climate Protection Award of the City of Beckum -
Climate protection role models wanted

There are no limits to creativity!

In 2024, the town of Beckum will once again be awarding a climate protection prize in the period from April to August inclusive. There are no limits to creativity when selecting projects for the climate protection award: from avoiding packaging waste, joint waste collection campaigns, climate working groups to species protection projects for endangered animal species with near-natural gardens and insect hotels as well as innovative technical projects, applications are welcome. The focus here is on personal initiative in order to become active together locally for environmental protection and thereby encourage other Beckum residents to join in. The aim of the climate protection award is therefore not least to recognise this civic commitment in conjunction with environmentally-oriented action.

Who can join in?

Private individuals, companies, clubs, associations, educational establishments and social institutions that have their place of residence or business in Beckum can take part. The climate protection project must have been realised within the last 18 months prior to the application or be so far advanced that initial results are already available. Participants who have already received an award in the past may not participate again.

Please send your detailed application, preferably digitally, to the contact persons listed above.
Application form and participation guidelines can be found below.

The Climate Protection Award is endowed with 2,000 euros. If necessary, the prize money can be divided among several projects.

Possible project examples:

  1. Private individuals:
    • Energy-efficient house refurbishment with the use of renewable energies such as solar systems or heat pumps.
    • Switching to electromobility by buying an electric car or using e-bikes for the daily commute to work or the shops.
    • Creation of a near-natural garden with native plants that contribute to biodiversity and attract insects.
    • Organising car-sharing initiatives in the neighbourhood to reduce the number of cars on the roads.
  2. Company:
    • Introduction of measures to reduce packaging waste through the use of sustainable packaging alternatives or the introduction of reusable packaging.
    • Implementation of a company mobility concept that offers employees bicycle leasing or job tickets to reduce CO2 emissions caused by commuting.
    • Conversion to energy-efficient lighting systems and appliances as well as the use of renewable energies in the company buildings.
    • Promoting home office options and virtual meetings to reduce employees' commuting and carbon footprint.
  3. Clubs and associations:
    • Organising waste collection campaigns in the community to free the environment from waste and raise awareness of waste avoidance.
    • Organising information events and workshops on topics such as sustainable consumption, recycling and climate protection.
    • Establishing community gardens or urban gardening projects to promote local food production and create green spaces.
    • Establishment of repair cafés where defective items can be repaired and recycled in order to extend the life of products and reduce waste.
  4. Educational institutions:
    • Integration of environmental and climate protection topics into the curriculum to raise pupils' awareness of sustainable behaviour.
    • Implementation of energy-saving projects in school buildings, such as the installation of motion sensors for lighting or the optimisation of heating and cooling systems.
    • Organisation of environmental education programmes and excursions to inform pupils about local ecosystems, biodiversity and sustainable lifestyles.
    • Creation of school gardens to provide practical experience of horticulture and organic farming and to promote environmental awareness and responsibility.
  5. Social institutions:
    • Introduction of waste avoidance and separation measures in the facilities in order to reduce waste production and promote recycling.
    • Organising communal gardening projects or urban gardening activities for residents to promote a sense of community and improve access to fresh food.
    • Implementation of energy-saving measures in the buildings, such as the installation of energy-saving lighting systems and the improvement of building insulation.
    • Organising workshops and training courses to promote an environmentally conscious lifestyle among users of the facilities.

Climate Council as jury

The jury, consisting of the members of the Climate Council, will decide on the most innovative and best projects for climate protection. For this purpose, the evaluation criteria relevance for climate protection in Beckum, exemplary function and feasibility, energy and greenhouse gas savings as well as the special category innovations have been defined.

"Giving a stage to the commitment of the people of Beckum for climate protection with the climate protection award" is one of the goals of climate protection manager Lena Herzog.

The Climate Protection Award is supported by Sparkasse Beckum-Wadersloh and Energieversorgung Beckum.

Winners of the Climate Protection Award 2022
Winners of the Climate Protection Award 2022