Promotion of children and youth

In the course of 2022, the criteria of child and youth promotion in Beckum were reorganised. The specialist service for child, youth and family promotion had invited all organisations active in child and youth work to participate in the planning process. The results and all important information on applying for funding can be found below.

  • Holiday offers and offers of extracurricular children and youth work

    Sponsors of local holiday recreation measures within Beckum, out-of-town holiday camps, international youth meetings as well as youth education measures, e.g. at weekends, can apply for a grant for participants between 6 and 18 years of age. Learn more

  • Cooperation projects

    Events and projects that are carried out in cooperation with at least 2 voluntary youth welfare organisations, open events and projects by youth associations and campaigns to publicise offers in a way that is suitable for children and young people can be subsidised. Learn more

  • Inclusion and individual support

    Youth work programmes that incur additional costs beyond the expected funding amount due to special difficulties, unforeseen events or additional needs can receive additional funding. Learn more

  • Trainings

    Training and further training courses for youth group leaders as well as employees of youth associations and other institutions who attend a training course can be subsidised. Travel costs are also reimbursed on a pro-rata basis. Learn more

Fields of action for the promotion of children and young people

The diverse offers and activities for children and young people in Beckum are developed and set up by very different clubs, associations and initiatives of children's and youth work with a lot of commitment. Children and young people also design and run activities.

Open children and youth work

"Open youth work takes place in particular in facilities, measures and projects, initiative groups, as mobile offers, as adventure and playground work as well as in cooperative and overlapping forms and approaches. It is aimed at all children and young people and provides specific support and prevention services for special target groups". (3rd AG-KJHG - KJFöG, § 12).

Contributed to the Child and Youth Development Plan:

Youth association work

"Youth association work takes place in permanent associations organised by young people themselves. It contributes to the identity formation of children and young people. Youth organisations and their associations have a special status in child and youth work due to the independent activity and voluntary commitment of young people". (3rd AG-KJHG - KJFöG, § 11).

Youth social work

"Tasks of youth social work are in particular socio-educational counselling, accompaniment and promotion of school and vocational education as well as support for young people in social integration and integration into training and work. This also includes school-related offers with the aim of strengthening prevention in cooperation with the school". (3. AG-KJHG - KJFöG, §13).

Working Group Youth and Drug Counselling in the District of Warendorf e.V.

Youth protection

"The educational protection of children and young people includes the preventive protection of young people from dangerous influences, substances and actions. In this context, the public and voluntary youth welfare organisations should work closely together with schools, the police and the regulatory authorities. They shall develop pedagogical offers and take necessary measures to inform and advise children, young people and guardians about dangers and related consequences in a timely and appropriate manner. This also includes the further education and training of full-time and voluntary staff." (3. AG-KJHG - KJFöG, §14).

Working Group Youth and Drug Counselling in the District of Warendorf e.V.