Fallow deer

Great views and lots of nature

The Höxberg, located south of the city, attracts many recreation-seekers every year, including numerous cycling groups and families. At 162 metres above sea level, it is the highlight of Beckum in the truest sense of the word. This is already noticeable from the great view of Beckum (at station 9 of the cement route you have a great panoramic view and a nice place to rest) and on the other side as far as the Haarstrang (in good visibility you can see from the Soestwarte or at the mill).

Rural idyll with a great view

A panoramic view of the Münsterland region - and even as far as the Sauerland on a clear day - can be enjoyed from the Soestwarte observation tower, a medieval defence tower. The so-called Beckumer Anschläge can be seen inside the tower.

Windmill at the Höxberg

An extensive animal enclosure, an aviary with native and other bird species, the old windmill as well as restaurants and hotels are in the immediate vicinity.

Incline bench, jumping platform and push-up bar

Höxberg fitness and obstacle course

New since April 2024 is the Höxberg fitness and obstacle course. Athletes can train balance, dexterity, power, coordination and fitness on 7 calisthenics modules.