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Child care: Easy language

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The city of Beckum has various offers for childcare.

For example, there are:

  • Child day care facilities
  • and day care for children

You may wish to book childcare in advance.

Then you can make a note of the application via the internet.

This is also called: Kita-Navigator.

  • Day mother and day father

    This is important to the city of Beckum: Good childcare.
    Our employees in the area of daycare receive regular training.
    Only then do the employees receive a permit.
    And are allowed to care for and look after children.
    At the Mothers' Centre you will receive further support.

    For example at:

    • the placement of persons in the field of child day care,
    • an initial conversation with the carer
    • or the conclusion of a contract for care.

    Perhaps you have further questions.
    Then you can also get support here.

    Telephone number: 0 25 21 82 44 90 13 0

  • Large Day Care Groups

    There are several groups for children.
    Childcare can be provided in the groups.
    The groups have different names.

    For example, they are called:

    • Mice,
    • Moles
    • and fleas.

    There are up to 9 children in the groups.
    A childminder is responsible for the care.
    The childminder receives further training.
    This enables the childminder to take good care of the children.
    You may want to find out more about this service.

    In the town of Neubeckum there are also groups for day care for children.
    The groups are called:

    • Rattle Gang
    • and flea box.

    Information is available at:
    Telephone number: 0 25 21 82 44 90 13 0