Eavesdropping tour: Discover Beckum - at any time and at your own pace

Free audio city tour with your smartphone and the Lauschenour app

If you want to get to know Beckum on your own, the listening tour is just right for you:
The medieval history of the town, the carnival tradition, the importance of the cement industry; the town tour takes you to the most important sights and of course to Beckum's greatest treasure, the most important gold shrine in Westphalia. It is located in the Provost Church of St. Stephanus and was dedicated to St. Prudentia. In terms of quality and size, it is the most outstanding Romanesque gold shrine in Westphalia. Civic pride, prosperity and piety entered into an intimate union when the Prudentia shrine was commissioned around 1230.

Tour duration: approx. 40 minutes

Tour length: 1.5 kilometres

Starting and finishing point: at the city model next to the Provost Church of St. Stephanus

The route includes the following "listening points":

  1. City model and St. Stephen's Provost Church
  2. Market Square and Medieval Town Hall
  3. Ackerbürgerhaus
  4. Cooperage
  5. Steinkühler Monument
  6. Model of the former synagogue
  7. Brauhaus Stiefel Jürgens and Speckmannsgasse
  8. Fountain of the Beckum Stops
  9. Fortified tower
  10. Gatekeeper's house at the south gate
  11. Dormitory of the Maria Blumenthal Monastery

The audio city tour can be carried out exclusively via smartphone using the free Lauschtour app, either with or without GPS control and in German or English. If you like, you can use headphones, but you can also understand the contributions well through the smartphone's loudspeaker.

With the GPS switched on, the individual contributions start as soon as the user enters the area of the respective GPS coordinates. In addition to the 11 stations, the so-called eavesdropping points, 4 points are programmed where the further route is described. The listening points are marked by glass paving stones.

The great thing about an audio city tour is that you have a clear view while listening to the contributions. This allows you to take in all the sights at your leisure. In addition, there is a matching photo in the smartphone at each listening point.

The contributions are not only informative, but also very lively and entertaining, as they provide both facts and nice anecdotes, underlaid with the appropriate background sounds and enriched with original sounds from the city guides and well-known Beckum songs. For example, the brotherhood of the Beckum Bauknechte sings the song "Giff mi äine ...", and the carnival band "Die Bonsais" sings the song of the Kleine Speckmannsgasse. The contributions are between half a minute and a good 4 minutes long.