The Pütt Days: the town festival in Beckum

Always on the weekend of the 1st Sunday in September, Beckum presents itself from its best side and welcomes its guests in the "good parlour" of the city. There is much to discover and experience in the town centre over the 3 days. Numerous stalls offer their products and services. Whether on stage or in the streets, from street artists to live bands, there is something for everyone. Visitors can look forward to a colourful programme for the whole family.

How does the festival get its name?

The "Pütt City" invites you to the "Pütt Days" and everyone is there. And yet some people may have asked themselves what the "Pütt" is all about. Elsewhere it is clear to everyone: in the Ruhr region and even in the neighbouring town of Ahlen, the "Pütt" is the name of the shaft into which coal is mined, and is thus a synonym for the mine or colliery. The "Pütt" (Low German for shaft, well) even gave the name to an entire region: the "Pütt" became the "Pott" and the Ruhr region became the "Ruhrpott". However, coal was never mined in the Beckum cement district. Rather, the name "Pütt" goes back to a story from the legendary "Beckumer Anschlägen" (Beckum attacks), the pranks of the "Schildbürger" that established Beckum's reputation as the "Schilda" of Westphalia. According to the story, the old well on the market square was full of mud and rubbish and it was decided that the strongest men should hang on to each other and lower themselves to the bottom of the well in order to carry the mud upwards with buckets. In the process, the first man's arms became longer and longer, so that he finally had to let go and they all fell into the well together.

The fountain on the market square, designed by Heinrich-Georg Bücker, still reminds us of the history of the Beckum Pütt. And this is how the "Pütt town" got its nickname. So the "Beckum attacks" remain alive not only in the famous Beckum carnival, but also in the name of the traditional town festival "Pütt Days".

For exhibitors

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For artists

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