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Close to the family and reliable

Childminders, who are called day carers in the law, look after up to five children present at the same time all day or for part of the day. Groups of up to three childminders (daycare group) can care for up to nine children at the same time. Most of the time, care takes place in the childminder's household, but it can also take place in rented rooms or in the child's parents' household.

Child day care is a form of care close to the family, especially for children in the first three years of life, and is an equivalent offer to care in a day care centre. It is characterised by a reliable relationship. If there is a special need, children up to the age of 13 can be cared for in day care centres as a supplement to day care centres and open all-day schools.

  • Reservation and registration procedure

    Are you planning to pre-register your child in day care? Then there are certainly many questions. If you would like to find out more about the framework conditions in day care or individual day care centres, or if you want to know which day care centre is in your area, your first point of contact should therefore be the specialist advice service for day care at the Mütterzentrum Soziales Netzwerk gGmbH. You will find the contact details of the contact person opposite.

    The specialist advice service for child day care in the Mothers' Centre will find a qualified child day care worker for you on behalf of the City of Beckum, will accompany the first personal contact, the conclusion of the child care contract and will support you and the child day care workers with all further questions.

  • Financing of day care for children

    Child day carers receive a cash benefit from the City of Beckum for the care service and the material expenses. In addition, they receive a subsidy for social security contributions. For this purpose, it is necessary for parents to apply for support for day care as early as possible, at the latest one month before the start of day care, to the Child, Youth and Family Support Service.

  • Parental contribution and other costs

    Good care has its price. If your child attends a day care centre in Beckum, parental contributions are due to the Child, Youth and Family Support Service according to your income. The amount depends on the parents' gross annual income, the weekly hours of care and the age of the child. Further information can be found in the leaflet on parental contributions.

    If funding for day care for your child has been approved, you will receive all the necessary information and the declaration on parental income from the Child, Youth and Family Support Service. Please complete the declaration carefully and then return it to the Child, Youth and Family Support Service.

    If you have a gross annual income of 33,000 euros, you pay no parental contribution. If you have more than one child who attends a day care centre or an open all-day school at the same time or is cared for in day care, the parental contribution is only charged for one child with a gross annual income of up to 51,000 euros - and for the child with the higher contribution. With a higher income, the contribution for the second child in kindergarten or day care is reduced to 30 per cent. The contribution for the second child in an OGS is reduced to 50 per cent. This also applies if your children attend different facilities."

    If your child takes part in the afternoon care, you also pay a contribution for lunch (meal allowance) directly to the day care provider. Parents with low incomes who do not have to pay a parental contribution but have to pay for meals can apply for a subsidy as part of the benefits for education and participation or as part of the economic assistance according to § 90 paragraph 3 of Book Eight of the Social Code (SGB VIII).

    The Child, Youth and Family Support Service can reduce the parental contributions or waive them completely if certain conditions are met. To do so, you must submit an application to the Child, Youth and Family Support Service.

  • How do I become a day care worker in Beckum?

    A person who wishes to care for one or more children for more than 15 hours per week for remuneration outside the parents' household for longer than 3 months requires a permit from the City of Beckum as the local provider of public youth welfare. Suitable persons will be granted a child day care permit for a maximum of 5 years upon written application. Suitable child day carers in the sense of § 43 SGB VIII are persons who are distinguished by their personality, expertise and willingness to cooperate with parents and other child day carers and who have premises suitable for children. They should have in-depth knowledge of the requirements of child day care, which they have acquired in qualified courses or proven in another way.

    The application for a childcare permit must be submitted to the City of Beckum with the following documents:
    - proof of a school-leaving certificate that corresponds at least to the Hauptschulabschluss (10th grade),
    - curriculum vitae in tabular form,
    - proof of qualification as a child day care worker (at least 160 hours according to the DJI curriculum or QHB, or as an educator at least 80 hours according to the DJI curriculum or QHB). 80 hours according to the DJI curriculum or the QHB)
    - Proof of a 9-hour course in "First Aid for Children", which must be refreshed every 2 years,
    - Medical certificate stating that there are no medical reasons why you should not work as a child day care worker, as well as proof of vaccination against measles or proof of immunity,
    - Certificate of instruction according to § 43 Paragraph 1 Sentence 1 of the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases in Humans (Protection against Infection Act),
    - statement from the counselling centre on personal suitability,
    - certificate from the city of Beckum as the local provider of public youth welfare services on the fact that help for upbringing has not been used or that it has been positively terminated,
    - extended certificate of good conduct for each person over 14 years of age living in the household. The certificate of good conduct must be updated every 5 years and can be applied for free of charge at the Beckum Citizens' Office,
    - Declaration of the child day carer on the protection mandate in the event of a risk to the welfare of children according to § 8a SGB VIII,
    - Pedagogical concept.

    The child-friendly premises are then inspected by the City of Beckum.

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