A bird's eye view of Beckum

Building land register

Building land potential

In the city of Beckum, there is a shortage of developable land to meet the demand for housing. In order to counteract this situation on the housing market, the Urban Development and Demography Committee of the City of Beckum decided in spring 2016 to publish a building land cadastre (according to section 200 paragraph 3 of the Building Code). This is intended to activate the existing building land potential in the city area for (multi-storey) housing construction and to promote the inner development of the city of Beckum.

All undeveloped, slightly developed and directly buildable plots of land suitable for the construction of multi-family houses (no single-family houses!) have been compiled on the following page and included in the building land cadastre, provided the owners have not objected to publication.

The public cadastre of building land serves to provide information to property owners and interested parties wishing to build and offers the opportunity to bring supply and demand together. The presentation in the cadastre has no legal effect. Inclusion in the building land cadastre does not mean that there is an obligation to build on the property in the foreseeable future.

Furthermore, the City of Beckum does not act as an estate agent. If you are interested in building a multi-family house in Beckum, please contact the owner of the listed sites directly.

Object number 31: Kellerort

Object number 32: Kellerort

Object number 87: Bremer Straße

Object number 106: Richard-Wagner-Straße

Object number 124: Feuerstraße

Object number 131: Zur Goldbrede

Object number 241: Annecke Street

Object number 242: Vorhelmer Straße

Object number 409: Deipenbrede

Object number 526: Harbergstraße

Object number 565: Main street

Object number 572: Am Birkenkamp

Object number 850: Am Wiesenborn

Object number 851: Am Wiesenborn