Wedding venues

Wedding venues in Beckum

The registry office offers wedding ceremonies at various locations. In addition to the wedding room in the town hall, these are the Höxberg mill, the museum smithy and the town museum.

  • Marriage room in the town hall

    The bright and friendly wedding room in the town hall offers 19 seats.

    Your happiness grows out of your marriage vows, out of love and trust, which you can capture after the wedding ceremony on the "Romantic Wedding Stairs", a popular place for the first wedding photos of you, together with your families and witnesses.
    Out there, you can receive the congratulations of your many guests and use the space under the secluded trees for a private champagne reception with 2 bar tables.

    Parking spaces - subject to charges - are available at the town hall, Weststraße 46, 59269 Beckum.

    Marriage room in the town hall
    Square in front of the town hall - ideal for a champagne reception after the wedding ceremony
  • City Museum

    You are lucky enough to get married right in the heart of the city of Beckum on the market square in a very special setting at the Beckum City Museum
    . The town museum offers up to 40 seats and additional standing room. You reach the old meeting room of the historic town hall, where many significant and important decisions have been made, via a prestigious staircase.

    You seal your vows under the neo-baroque wood panelling, which incorporates the town seal and the town coat of arms. Your first
    signature as husband and wife will be on historical furniture - directly at the green table - and you will enjoy being surrounded by the artworks of the respective special exhibition.

    The Museumsverein Beckum e. V. receives a user fee of 50 euros, the expense allowance is 50 euros.

    Please note that the Stadtmuseum is only available for use after consultation with Dr. Gesing. Wedding ceremonies can only take place if special exhibitions do not interfere with the meeting room!

    Please note: The wedding venue on the first floor is only accessible via the stairs, so it is not barrier-free!

    Parking spaces - subject to charges - are available at the Kolpinghaus, Clemens-August-Straße or on Elisabethstraße.

    City Museum

  • Museum Forge Galen

    In the Galen museum forge, couples can "forge" their bond for life and emphasise their mutual
    bond in a special way. In the immediate vicinity of the Provost Church of St. Stephen and the market square, the "Schmiede Galen" offers your wedding guests plenty of space with 40 seats compared to the other
    wedding venues.

    Surrounded by historic blacksmith's tools, it is not only people of this professional guild who have their hearts set on fire. Especially the forged horseshoes, which decorate the walls as journeymen's pieces, are said to be a symbol of luck
    and a guarantee for future marital bliss.

    Discuss your wishes, especially for the champagne reception afterwards, with the operator of the Kolpinghaus. On your wedding day, enjoy being pampered by the varied service of the gastronomy.

    The Kolpingfamilie Beckum für Museumsschmiede e.V. receives 50 euros as a usage fee, the expense fee is 50 euros.

    Parking spaces - subject to charges - are available at the Kolpinghaus (Clemens-August-Straße), on Elisabethstraße and within a few minutes' walk at the town hall (Weststraße 46).

  • Marriages outside the registry office in private or rented rooms

    Do you wish to get married in your own garden?

    You now have the opportunity to get married outside the registry office in the city on every 3rd Saturday of the month, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., in private rooms or rooms rented by you.

    The following requirements must be met: The wedding venue must offer an appropriate and dignified setting in terms of its furnishings, cleanliness and accessibility and must be free of odour and noise pollution. The wedding venue must be of an appropriate size (rooms of at least 25 square metres) for the planned wedding party. Furthermore, there must be a table and sufficient seating for the registrar, the bridal couple and possibly for witnesses. The civil ceremony of the marriage must be physically separated from the actual wedding reception. No wedding ceremony will take place in the hall of the wedding reception.

    As a matter of principle, no weddings will be performed in churches and prayer rooms or in places that do not offer a dignified setting (for example, factory halls, sports halls, swimming pools or beach areas).

    In addition to the prescribed fees, a fee of 350 euros is charged for the increased organisational expenses of the city. A site inspection by the registrar takes place beforehand. For the duration of the official activity, he/she has the right to remove disturbances or have them removed.

    If the offer has aroused your interest, contact your local registry office in Beckum for further information and to plan your wedding ceremony well in advance.

  • Höxberg windmill

    On the Höxberg, the windmill built in 1853 is another Beckum landmark available for the most beautiful day of your life. The idyllic landscape makes the Höxberg windmill an ideal setting for your wedding.

    Glück zu, is the old miller's cry and can thus be a motto and blessing for all newly married couples.

    The Höxberg windmill, located to the south of the town, cannot be heated and is therefore only suitable for a wedding ceremony in an unusual
    ambience from April to October with approx. 20-25 seats.

    For a champagne reception, 3 bar tables are available and can usually be set up in front of the mill
    . However, their use depends on the weather. The gastronomy in the vicinity offers possibilities for further celebrations
    . The Beckum registry office will pass on the usage fee of 80 euros directly to the local history society for Beckum and the Beckumer Berge, the expense allowance is 80 euros.

    Free parking spaces are available in sufficient numbers.

    Information about the wedding ceremonies in the windmill at Höxberg