Expansion of the Rüenkolk

The city of Beckum has developed the Rüenkolk close to nature, taking aspects of flood protection into account. In a total of four construction phases, nature was given more space again over a length of 2 km from the outer area to the mouth of the Werse. The watercourse has been made accessible to people. The flood risk has been reduced.

The Rüenkolk flood retention basin at the level of the Pflaumenallee-Ost construction area was already completed in 2008 in construction phase 1.

In construction sections 2 and 3 a, the existing piping was removed over a length of almost 70 metres and replaced by an urban-style watercourse with natural stone walls. The installation of a larger culvert improved flood protection in the area of the southern ring. Between the completed Rüenkolk flood retention basin and the Südring, the Rüenkolk is widened in several places and thus runs in a near-natural stream bed.

In construction sections 3 b and 4, existing pipework was opened over a length of approx. 800 m between Südring and Werse and the stream was given a shallow, up to 4 m wide profile for near-natural development. In 2011, the entire construction and planting work was carried out.