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City Centre Management Neubeckum

City terraces

City terraces

Traffic experiment in Neubeckum town centre from 21.03.2024 to 11.06.2024



Vorleseaktion auf dem Rathausvorplatz und Bürgermeister-Dialog

Last actions on the city terraces

Take pictures, win, enjoy ice cream

Photo competition on the city terraces

Spring experiment
City Terraces

Use urban space differently and join in the discussion

Winning design for neighbourhood furniture finalised

District furniture for Neubeckum

Models of the district furniture move on to the leisure centre

Inauguration of beer tent sets - Annual financial statements 2023

Beer tent sets for clubs in Neubeckum

Drink organised by the city centre management for the 2023 annual accounts

Planters on the station forecourt

Planters for the Neubeckum entrance gate

Project of the disposition fund

Facade coating comparison before - after

Support programmes for Neubeckum

The disposal fund and the courtyard and façade programme are available immediately.
If you are interested, please contact us!

  • Who we are and what we do

    Since January 2022, we at STADTRAUMKONZEPT from Dortmund have been entrusted with city centre management in Neubeckum.

    We are Serena Große-Kreul and Annika Siebert. Together we are out and about one day a week in and for Neubeckum, usually on Thursdays, but we are also available for appointments on other days by prior arrangement.

    Our team is complemented by the architect Barbara Boegershausen, who can be called in if required and is also responsible for the courtyard and façade programme.

    Our work is part of the implementation of the IUDC developed jointly in Neubeckum. As instruments, we supervise two further measures from the IUDC: the Verfügungsfonds and the Hof- und Fassadenprogramm.

    Together with Neubeckum's active citizens, we are campaigning for an attractive city centre.

    • We help with the development of project ideas and with their implementation.
    • We support owners in the search for new uses for their shop premises or provide tips for redesigning them.
    • We offer an initial consultation for owners who want to modernise their property.
  • Disposition fund for the inner city of Neubeckum

    How the Verfügungsfonds works: 50% grant for great projects

    Behind the somewhat unwieldy term "Verfügungsfonds" is a pot of money that is open to all good project ideas that contribute to the beautification of Neubeckum's city centre! You get half of the money for each project, you pay for the other half yourself or you look for sponsorship (also together with us).

    The procedure is simple: the project idea is briefly described on an application form and it is explained how the project contributes to the beautification and who is involved. Then there is a cost estimate and, for larger projects, the request for three offers.
    We help you with all points!

    Afterwards, an advisory board consisting of Neubeckum residents and members of the administration decides whether the project will be supported by the fund. And then it can get started! With the construction of benches, with the illumination of a tree, with a mosaic artwork or, or, or...

    Do you also have a project idea? Get in touch with us!

    You can find all important information here: Neubeckum City Centre Disposal Fund

  • Courtyard and façade programme for the inner city of Neubeckum

    You can get advice from us on upgrading your property and apply for subsidies.

    The programme promotes renovation measures on properties that represent a visual upgrade of the building - i.e. above all measures on the front, a fresh coat of paint, attractive lighting of the façade or greenery. Beautiful advertising installations are also eligible for funding.

    • Up to 50% of the eligible costs can be funded as a grant.
    • The maximum limit of this grant is 30 euros per square metre of converted area and a maximum of 6,000 euros per plot.

    You can find all important information here: Courtyard and Facade Programme City Centre Neubeckum

  • Archive

    Here you can find older news and information.

    Winning design for district furniture has been determined
    Press release from 30.10.2023

    District furniture for Neubeckum
    Who took part?
    Press release from 11.07.2023

    Fresh colours on the main street
    Press release from 06.06.2023

    Colourful planters adorn the main street
    Press release from 21.04.2023

    City centre management now available on Thursdays in the district living room
    Press release from 07.10.2022

    New opening of Frank Ohm plant centre
    Press release from 06.07.2022

    Insight into the work of the city centre management: support for the change of operator of Blumen Kramer
    Press release from 10.05.2022

    The city centre management for Neubeckum has started!
    Press release from 19.01.2022

The Neubeckum town centre management is funded by the Federal Republic of Germany, the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the City of Beckum as part of the urban development programme "Living Centres".