Declaration on accessibility

Our goal: a barrier-free website

As a public body, the City of Beckum strives to make its websites and mobile applications accessible without barriers. This is based on the provisions of the Disability Equality Act (BGG NRW) and the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance NRW (BITV NRW), which implement the EU Directive 2016/2012.

How accessible is this site already?

We are constantly working to improve the accessibility requirements. With the fundamental revision of the site for summer 2023, we were able to overcome many previous hurdles.

We are currently fulfilling that:

  • Sufficient contrast and contrast change with one click
  • Large font and large main headings in H1
  • The pages can also be operated without a mouse on all browsers.
  • There are texts in plain language and soon also videos about our services in sign language.
  • A read aloud function is available.
  • Clear menu navigation and understandable language
  • Font enlargement is done with "CTRL" and "+" for Windows, and with "cmd" and "+" for Apple.
  • We describe the pictures with the help of specially deposited alternative texts. This information is taken into account by a reading software.
  • The contents of the site are designed in "responsive design", i.e. they adapt to the respective end device.
  • For our documents, we mainly use PDF files that can be read aloud.
  • With the help of some interfaces, the search function could be significantly improved.
  • We have integrated online procedures from external providers in a largely barrier-free manner.
  • There are occasional sign videos.

What can't be done yet:

  • Signing videos and content in plain language are available only sporadically.
  • Our self-produced videos do not yet have audio description or subtitles.
  • Maps cannot be displayed barrier-free.

Please get involved!

Our aim is to ensure that our information reaches everyone well. If you find a page not understandable enough, use our feedback form at the bottom of the homepage. Then we will know immediately where there might be a need for improvement.

Please send general suggestions and comments on the homepage to

This statement was created on 9 September 2023 .