Council of the City of Beckum and its committees

The council is the people's representation of the municipality. It is elected for a period of 5 years - its current term lasts until autumn 2025. The council of the city of Beckum currently consists of 38 council members and the mayor as chairman.

According to the Municipal Code of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Council is responsible for all matters of the city administration and takes the necessary decisions. It gives orders to the administration, specifies guidelines and principles according to which the administration should work, and at the same time controls the administration.
In order to ensure that all matters of importance to the city are dealt with as quickly as possible, the council can form committees on various key topics and also delegate the decision on certain matters to these committees or the mayor.

The Council and its committees generally meet in public, but for certain matters the public may be excluded, for example, the awarding of contracts or personnel matters.

In the public council information system of the city of Beckum you will find detailed information about the municipal political bodies as well as their meetings and members.

Messages to the Council: