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From 1 August, uniform parental contributions will apply for early care and after-lunch care in primary schools. Previously, the individual schools had different approaches. In future, the parental contribution for early childcare will be standardised at 15 euros per month plus 1 euro per day for breakfast, if this is requested by the parents. Parents will continue to pay 25 euros per month for after-lunch care. In future, a reduction in fees will be granted for siblings.

The city of Beckum will incur costs totalling around €111,600.00 for the deficit compensation for early childcare and after-school care to the providers of the childcare services in the 2024/2025 school year. The amount of the contributions is to be reviewed every two years in future and adjusted if necessary.

For a prospective redensification of the "An der Steinbruchallee" residential development area, it was decided to establish the city's right of first refusal for further plots of land by means of a corresponding statute.

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