Early Help Network

Since 2015, stakeholders of the Early Intervention Network in Beckum have been jointly responsible for young families and pregnant women and offer a variety of preventive support and counselling services. A cooperation agreement signed by all members describes the cooperation, as well as common standards and basic attitudes in the cooperation. The network structure enables professional exchange and cooperation between the different actors, coordination and further development of services, as well as needs-based planning and better access to families.
Contact person and network coordinator: Maria Steinhoff

Early Help Concept and Information Brochure for Young Families

Welcome visits
The welcome visitors Maria Steinhoff and Tanja Pröpper offer all young families with a newborn a personal information and counselling visit. This is voluntary for the families and is communicated in a personal letter. During the visit, the visitors hand out a welcome bag with extensive information material and a small gift. In addition, Maria Steinhoff and Tanja Pröpper are available to all families with children up to their 3rd birthday for questions, problems or advice by telephone or e-mail, and in urgent cases also in a personal meeting. Information can be found in the flyer "Welcome Visits".

Family midwife consultation
The family midwife Tanja Pröpper offers an open family midwife consultation by appointment. This service is aimed at all (expectant) parents up to the child's first birthday. The main focus is on social and health issues. However, topics such as sleeping, carrying and complementary feeding can also be addressed. The service is free of charge for women and confidential. Flyer "Family midwife consultation

It is essential to make an appointment in advance: Tanja Pröpper

  • Health-oriented family support

    The family support provided by the family midwife Tanja Pröpper offers pregnant women and young families in psychosocial stress situations health-oriented accompaniment and support until the child reaches the age of 1. The aim of health-oriented family support is to give children the best possible chance for good development and a healthy upbringing at an early stage by strengthening the resources of the families, identifying risks and offering appropriate support. The focus is on helping children to help themselves. The offer is based on voluntariness and is free of charge for the families. Interested families who would like personal support can contact Tanja Pröpper or Maria Steinhoff.
    The health-oriented family support does not include the midwife services financed by the health insurance companies! Further information can be found in the flyer "Health-oriented family support".

  • Young Parents Area

    The Young Parents Area is a meeting place for young pregnant women and teenage parents with their children. At this open and free event organised by the town of Beckum, you can play, laugh and chat in a relaxed atmosphere. The focus is on topics that are of concern to the families. There is a wide range of play and exercise material for the children and the opportunity to play with their peers. The programme is run by Jasmin Belasri.

    Information can be found in the flyer "Young Parents Area" .

    Date: Thursday from 15:30 to 17:00 at Freizeithaus Neubeckum, Gottfried-Polysius-Straße 8, 59269 Beckum
    Contact: Tanja Pröpper

  • Motor skills course

    The motor skills course is a play and exercise programme for parents and children from crawling age up to 18 months of age. The programme is led by Jasmin Belasri. As the course takes place in a fixed group of 8 parents and children over a period of several weeks, prior registration is required.

    Dates: Thursdays, 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. in the Altes E-Werk, Sternstraße 24, 59269 Beckum

    Registrations and contact persons:
    Tanja Pröpper
    Maria Steinhoff

  • Further early help services in cooperation with the city of Beckum

    SkF sponsorship programmes:

    • Starting life with godparents, for families with children in the first year of life
    • Godparent time, for families with children of any age Godparent time for families

    Parent-child cafés