Here you can find information on inclusive events organised by the disability representative of the city of Beckum.

One of the measures of the inclusion plan of the city of Beckum is to create a database of inclusive events. I need your help for this. If you are an organisation, self-help group or club and are planning an inclusive event, please let me know. Only if I know about it can this database be filled with life.

  • Database on inclusive services

    Database on inclusive offers in Beckum

    A collection of inclusive offers in Beckum is being created here.

    This collection can include all notified offers in which people with different disabilities can participate.

    No guarantee can be given about the completeness or the actual barrier-free equipment.

    For publications or questions about the design of your offer, please contact Monika Björklund

  • Meeting day

    29 June 2024 is the Day of Encounter. On this day, young and old people, with and without disabilities and of all nationalities should meet and experience a great day together. Our Day of Encounter has been held once a year since 2009. The aim was and is to get to know each other better and make contact across all supposed boundaries and barriers.

    Since then, the Day of Encounter has grown from year to year and can now claim that inclusion is lived here.

    What happens on that day?

    There is a rich offer from the various participants at their stands. Each stand has a programme of activities to take part in or something to eat.

    On stage there are cultural performances in the form of music, dance or theatre, as a solo performance or in a group.

    Who joins in?

    Kindergartens, schools, the municipal youth leisure facilities, self-help groups, clubs, social organisations, international groups and many others.

    Who is behind it?

    This day is organised by the Encounter Working Group, the Social Services Department and the Representative for the Interests of People with Disabilities.

    How can I participate?

    If you and your group, association, self-help group or similar are interested in taking part, please contact Michaela Al-Chabi.


    The entire supporting and stage programme will be published here shortly. However, we are already looking forward to singer-songwriter Stephan Sundrup providing musical entertainment on the Day of Encounter!
    Website of Stephan Sundrup

  • Beckum Congress

    The human being in focus

    The Beckum Congresses have been taking place every two years since 2008. Over the years, the choice of topics and not least the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities have changed the target group. Whereas in the beginning the focus was on topics for people with a disability, today it is on general topics. And that's what it's all about in an inclusive society: making the living environment tangible for all people.

    The aim of the series of events is to take up current issues, look at them from different angles and inform about them. There will be a panel discussion by and with experts, framed by a market of opportunities.

    We are pleased to have won WDR presenter Helmut Rehmsen for the moderation.

    Corona time has scrambled our time slots. As soon as there is news about the next congress, it will be published here.

  • Event: Conference of relatives

    The Landesverband für Menschen mit Körper- und Mehrfachbehinderung NRW e.V. (State Association for People with Physical and Multiple Disabilities) invites you to a multi-day conference for relatives in November.

    Under the motto:
    Take a deep breath!
    there will be a wide range of offers in the form of lectures and workshops so that relatives can learn more about rights, claims and support options.

    Registration is required by 15 September.