Photo campaign for the city anniversary 2024

Pupils beware:

Take a photo of your favourite place in your city.

All twin towns take part. The best placed from each city will be invited to spend a weekend in a twin city. Afterwards, there will be a travelling exhibition through all 4 cities.

Beckum maintains 3 town twinning arrangements

Sign at the entrance to the village

Beckum is a cosmopolitan city. Many businesses in the town export their goods to all continents.

The town twinning arrangements with La Celle Saint-Cloud in France, Grodków in Poland and the municipality of Seebad Heringsdorf in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are also part of the international and domestic contacts.

In 2010, Beckum was awarded the European Plaque by the Council of Europe for its services.

  • La Celle Saint-Cloud (F)

    Our twin town in France for over 35 years

    Since 1983, the towns of La Celle Saint-Cloud and Beckum have been linked by a warm friendship that finds its expression in regular and intensive mutual visits. Athletes invite each other to competitions, there are joint musical performances, joint art exhibitions and much more. The programme also includes regular school exchanges and, of course, visits to each other's town festivals.

    The most important contact details:

    M. Le Maire Olivier Delaporte
    Hotel de ville 8E, avenue Charles de Gaulle, F-78170 La Celle Saint-Cloud,

    Association for the twinning of La Celle St.-Cloud/ Association de Jumelages de La Celle Saint-Cloud

    • Chairman: Denis Wilbal 37, allée Jules Verne, F-78170 La Celle Saint-Cloud, 0033.781.564.009,
    • Vice-Chairman: Marie-Alix Le Franc, F-78270 La Celle Saint-Cloud, 0033.633.098.256,
    • Secretary: Birgit Dominici 25, avenue Lily, F-78170 La Celle Saint-Cloud, 0033.664.507.615,

    The historic castle
    Parish Church of St. Peter and Paul
    Portal of the former Beauregard Castle

    Bistrot in the old town centre of Le Bourg
    The fireworks, accompanied by music, are the crowning glory of the town festival and delight all visitors.
    "Stand operators" at the 2017 City Festival

  • Grodków (PL)

    Partnership with Grodków in Poland since 1997

    Mayor Marek Antoniewicz
    Urzad Gminy i Miasta Grodków Ul. Warszawska 29, PL 49-200 Grodków, 004877 4040300 004877 415 55 16 (fax)

  • Heringsdorf seaside resort (D)

    Mayor Laura Isabelle Marisken
    Gemeinde Seebad Heringsdorf, Kurparkstraße 4, 17419 Gemeinde Seebad Heringsdorf, Ortsteil Seebad Ahlbeck
    038378 25-012, Fax: 038378 25-038,

    Villa Oechsler
    Villa Oechsler
    Spa architecture "Red Villa
    Promenade in Zinnowitz
    Port in Zinnowitz
    The 30th anniversary celebration took place in Heringsdorf. The photo shows the hosts and anniversary guests in September 2021.
    Windsurfers on the Achterwasser

Association for the Promotion of Town Twinning of the City of Beckum

The Association for the Promotion of Town Twinning of the City of Beckum is a competent contact for all questions concerning town twinning. Through its numerous activities and projects, it fills the town twinning with life.

Association for the Promotion of Town Twinning of the City of Beckum e. V.

Would you like to become a member of the Friends? Declaration of membership (annual membership fee min. 15 Euro).

Website of the Friends

The extended Board in summer 2022 (from left): Dörte Osteroth, Bernd Schnell Honorary Chair), Verena Breuer, Anja Samulewitsch, Dagmar Engeln, Anja Smith, Michèle Sandrat-Peitz, Annette Lönne, Ulrich Roggenkamp (Chair), Birgit Harrendorf-Vorländer, Marianne Pösentrup, Hanni Breuer, Anne Ueding, Nadhira de Silva and Hafida Barton-El Bouatmani.