Strengthen, network and shape together

Stadtmarketing Beckum is committed to the areas of events, city centre management, tourism and communication. By joining forces, we increase the attractiveness of the city of Beckum and the local region. With our activities we promote the image of the city and give new impulses. City marketing is an independent specialised service. It is run as a commercial enterprise.

The team of the city marketing is always approachable for all Beckum residents and sees itself as a partner of the local economy. The success story of Beckum's city marketing began with the founding of Stadtmarketing Beckum GmbH in 2002. With a lot of verve and great commitment, the company, together with its private shareholders and the city of Beckum, set important impulses for the development of our city.

The advisory board for the city marketing of the city of Beckum continues the successful cooperation of the city of Beckum with the private partners. The Hoteliers and Innkeepers Association for a Hospitable Beckum, the Beckum and Neubeckum Trade Associations as well as the Beckum Industry Association and the City of Beckum continue to work together for the city.

Rules of Procedure of the Advisory Board

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Events - always something going on

Stadtmarketing Beckum organises and supports numerous events that have become an integral part of the local calendar, such as the Pütt Days, the Neuebeckum Town Festival, the cosy Winzerfest or the atmospheric Christmas markets in all 4 districts. We pay attention to service and quality and have interesting offers for small and large guests.


City centre management

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We help to shape the image of the city of Beckum! Above all, we would like to put the spotlight on the qualities as a shopping and tourism town! Together with Beckum's retail trade and restaurants, we develop concepts and marketing strategies that keep the local economy going. Events and campaigns attract visitors to the old cement and Hanseatic town and establish Beckum as a town worth seeing and loving.

City centre management

Tourism promotion

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We open the doors for guests! Together with the local gastronomy, we want to increase the number of overnight stays in the city and the region and open up new target groups and potentials. Our new Beckum articles boost souvenir sales and promote identification with the city. Together we develop interesting city tours for guests and locals.

In the tourist working group Parklandschaft Kreis Warendorf und im Münsterland e. V., the city marketing department is committed to tourism in Beckum and the region.

We look forward to your visit!

Parklandschaft Kreis Warendorf
Münsterland e. V.

Marketing and advertising

We make the city of Beckum known beyond the Beckum mountains. We specifically court small and large guests, place advertisements in various media and also position Beckum online as an attractive tourist destination. We market the local holiday and leisure region with leaflets and brochures. These offer exciting information, give valuable tips on the cultural offerings and the numerous events and are equally interesting for tourists and locals.

Federal Association of City and Town Marketing Germany e.V.