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Beckum, the old Hanseatic town, is full of culture, tradition, young life and Westphalian flair. Discover the most beautiful and historic places on an informative and entertaining tour: join the city guides on a short journey through 800 years of city history.

Anyone who visits the "Pütt" town can experience something: In the town museum, the old former town hall on the market square, you can find out interesting information about the history of Beckum, from the first settlement over 4,500 years ago to the Saxon grave of the Prince of Beckum to the time of the cement barons in the 19th and 20th centuries.

And if you want to know more about the Westphalian carnival stronghold, you've come to the right place: the carnival tradition in Beckum began in the late Middle Ages with the so-called "Heischegänge" of the farm labourers. At that time, the farm labourers were responsible for tilling the fields - and were usually paid very little. At the beginning of Lent, they once again had the opportunity to demand an increase in their rations from their brothers.

The carnival room of the museum informs about the history rich in tradition and also shows the well-known Beckum carnival mascot - the tomcat "Murr". While the first carnival parade already took place in the 19th century, the black tomcat appeared as a symbol of the carnivalists in the 1930s. It was also at this time that the umbrella organisation of the many clubs "Well, here we are again" came into being. To this day, the carnival greeting "Rumskedi" still resounds unchanged in the city on the great days.

City tour at your own pace

Discover the Beckum Eavesdropping Tour

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If you want to get to know Beckum on your own, the listening tour is just right for you:
The medieval history of the town, the carnival tradition, the importance of the cement industry; the town tour takes you to the most important sights and of course to Beckum's greatest treasure, the most important gold shrine in Westphalia. It is located in the Provost Church of St. Stephanus and was dedicated to St. Prudentia. In terms of quality and size, it is the most outstanding Romanesque gold shrine in Westphalia. Civic pride, prosperity and piety entered into an intimate union when the Prudentia shrine was commissioned around 1230.

Tour duration: approx. 40 minutes

Tour length: 1.5 kilometres

Starting and finishing point: at the city model next to the Provost Church of St. Stephanus

With the eavesdropping tour you can get to know Beckum on your own.

The windmill tour at Höxberg

A year-round offer for groups of 10 to 50 people (price per person: €7.50)

These services are included in the price:
- guided tour of the mill
- 3 cups of tea, coffee, cocoa or coffee hag (per person)
- 2 pieces of cake (per person)

You arrive at the historic windmill on the Höxberg in the afternoon and are welcomed by the windmill representative. He will show you around the mill and tell you interesting facts about the history and technology of the historic building.

Afterwards, walk to the restaurant Hotel "Zur Windmühle" 150 m away, where the coffee table is already prepared for you. Let us spoil you with freshly baked cake and coffee and enjoy your time in the restaurant.

Further information and booking at Hotel zur Windmühle

Information from the Heimat- und Geschichtsverein Beckum e.V. on the history of the mill

The Beckum Mountains - culinary and historical

A year-round offer for groups of 10 to 50 people, €55.50 per person

Included services:

  • Mill drink
  • Mill tour and guided hike
  • Coffee and cake for the afternoon
  • Mill menu


You will arrive at the historic windmill on the Höxberg at around 2.00 pm and will be welcomed with the mill drink "Korn". During the tour, the mill representative will tell you interesting facts about our mill. At about 3.15 p.m. we will serve you coffee and cake in the restaurant Hotel "Zur Windmühle", which is about 150 metres away. At about 4.30 pm you will visit the Höxberg tower, which can be seen from our restaurant. After you have enjoyed the distant view, you will hike for about 1.5 hours with a guide along Plum Alley and the historic Landwehr back to the restaurant Hotel "Zur Windmühle". You can then enjoy the windmill menu at the festive table.

    • Mill bread and butter
    • Three kitchen greetings
    • Salad plate with roasted
    • Unterberger bacon and croutons
    • Beef broth with egg drop,
    • Pork fillet with savoy cabbage, fried mushrooms, cream sauce and potatoes
    • Redcurrant foam

Look forward to a beautiful day in the Beckum mountains.

More information about the offer: Beckumer Berge - Zur Windmühle (zur-windmuehle.de)