Green roof

It's so green on Beckum's roofs

Green roofs are promoted

The city of Beckum supports measures for extensive roof greening on existing and ancillary buildings as well as newly constructed buildings and their ancillary buildings with up to 50 percent of the eligible costs.

Green roofs have positive effects on the city, the environment and the climate, as well as on the property and the occupants:

  • Improvement of the urban climate, reduction of heat development in the city,
  • Increase natural biodiversity through more habitat for animals and plants,
  • Relief of the urban wastewater system through delayed release of precipitation,
  • Improve air quality by producing oxygen, filtering air pollutants and binding fine dust,
  • Natural thermal insulation,
  • Service life of the roof cladding is extended,
  • Partially sealed areas are only taken into account with 50 percent of the fee according to paragraph 5, paragraph 5 of the statutes of the city of Beckum on the levying of sewer connection fees and wastewater fees. Your contact person is Barbara Ostermann.

In 2023, budget funds amounting to 30,000 euros are available.

Roof greening with sedum plants