Online ticket booking

Admission tickets and vouchers for the use of the baths can be purchased quickly and easily from home via the "Baths Suite":

  • QR code for ticket booking

  • Create a customer account

    On the website, click on Login and then on Register (minimum age 18). Now at least the mandatory fields marked with an "*" must be filled in. After the details have been saved, you will receive an e-mail with which you can complete the registration and create your own password.

  • Purchase of tickets and payment process

    After you have logged in, select the "Buy e-ticket" button. Then select the pool that you mainly want to use if you want to buy tickets for the outdoor pools. This is for statistical and accounting reasons only.
    Then click on "continue without date selection" and place the desired ticket in the shopping basket. When purchasing season and annual tickets, the ticket must still be personalised, i.e. assigned to an already registered person. These tickets are not transferable and may not be passed on.
    Then go to the checkout and start the online payment process. The ticket can be paid for by paypal, paydirekt, credit card or Sofortüberweisung.

  • Purchase of vouchers and payment process

    After you have logged in, select the button "Buy voucher" and start the order process. The minimum amount for a voucher is 5 euros, the maximum amount is 500 euros. Within this value limit, you can select any amount in 0.50 euro increments. You can print out the voucher directly or request it by e-mail.
    Then go to the checkout and start the online payment process. The voucher can be paid by paypal, paydirekt, credit card or Sofortüberweisung.

  • QR codes

    After you have purchased an online ticket, you will receive an email with a QR code that will allow you to enter the bath. You can use the QR code with your mobile phone or print it out and hold it in front of the scanner next to the turnstile in the bath. Alternatively, bathers who have purchased a ten-day, season or annual pass online can also get a plastic access card at the pool ticket office. You can then use both the QR code and the access card. Feel free to ask the ticket office staff.

  • Discounts

    All reductions on the regular admission price must be stored in the "Bäder Suite" software. You cannot do this yourself. Therefore, please send proof of the reason for the reduction to the e-mail address The following are grounds for a reduction:
    Notification of benefits: basic income support, citizen's allowance, asylum seeker benefits, housing benefit (under certain conditions);
    Severely disabled person's card;
    Volunteer card, youth leader card, voluntary services;
    Pupil's card (over 18 years of age), student's card;
    Confirmation of participation in courses of the adult education centre in the indoor swimming pool.
    The reduction is deposited for the respective duration. If the reduction is valid for an unlimited period (e.g. for some severely disabled persons' cards), a period of 30 years is deposited.

    If you are entitled to a discount and do not wish to purchase a family ticket, always add an ADULT ticket to your shopping basket if you are at least 18 years old. If the reason for the reduction is stored in the software, the reduced amount is automatically displayed.

  • Answers to questions about the "Bäder Suite" software

    Validity of admission tickets
    Single admission tickets are valid for 180 days; ten-person tickets for 36 months; value vouchers for 3 years (all from the date of purchase). Season tickets are valid for the duration of the respective outdoor or indoor pool season. Annual passes are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

    Exchange of ten-person passes and paper vouchers
    These passes can no longer be exchanged at the pools. The open admissions or the credit balance of the voucher will be refunded to you. Please send the ten-ticket/voucher to the City of Beckum, EB 81, Weststraße 46, 59269 Beckum and enclose a note with your name, address and IBAN.

    Payment reminder
    If you interrupt your booking process via the Bäder Suite, you will receive a payment reminder from the system after 3 hours . If you do not make a payment after this time, the booking will be automatically cancelled.