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Aerial view Tuttenbrocksee

The Tuttenbrock recreational lake, with a total size of about 31 hectares, was opened to the public as a recreational area in 1993.

The lake's recreational value is enhanced by the approximately 2-kilometre-long circular hiking trail. This makes it possible to walk completely around the lake and also admire the water sports enthusiasts from all sides. Several benches invite you to linger. There is also a public dog bathing area to the east.

Water ski facility at Lake Tuttenbrock

The former limestone quarry, which was created and renaturalised as a bathing lake, offers excellent bathing and sports opportunities. Since July 2013, there has been a water-skiing facility called "TwinCable Beckum", which is ideal for beginners and professionals. The facility includes a service building with a catering area. The beach area invites you to sunbathe and relax.

The lake is also used by the swimmers and divers of the DLRG for training purposes. Competitions also take place here.

Water quality: excellent

Like all public water bodies, the water of Lake Tuttenbrock is tested for quality and impurities several times a year by an independent environmental laboratory.

For years, Lake Tuttenbrock has been certified as having excellent bathing water quality.


Welcome sign entrance area Tuttenbrocksee
  • Leisure activities at a glance

    The water ski facility, beach and bathing area are leased to TwinCable Beckum.
    If you have any questions, please contact them directly.
    TwinCable Beckum

    Sportfischereiverein Beckum e.V.
    Andreas Ahlers
    0157 35741765

  • Rules of conduct - Please observe

    • It is forbidden to stay unclothed.
    • Dogs are not allowed in the beach area.
    • Open fires (campfires and barbecues) and camping/tenting are prohibited.
    • Only members of the Sportfischereiverein Beckum e.V. and guest anglers are allowed to fish. Guest fishing permits can be purchased at the water ski facility.

    For all regulations, please refer to the welcome sign in the entrance area:
    Download sign

  • Approach

    The car parks and the Tuttenbrocksee lake are located in the Obere Brede industrial estate on the A2. There is a bus stop "Grevenbrede" on the main road (B 475) in the immediate vicinity.
    There is a supermarket, a DIY store and other shops in the neighbouring "Grevenbrede" industrial estate. You can find a map of how to get there in the column on the right.