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Social media channels

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Dear users of the social media channels of the city of Beckum,

We would be pleased if you would take part in the discussion on our contributions. In the spirit of a constructive and objective discussion culture, we ask you to observe the following rules:

  • We treat each other with respect here. Contributions must not violate applicable law. Personal attacks, sexist, anti-feminist, homophobic, racist, anti-Semitic or otherwise discriminatory or defamatory statements are not accepted.
  • Advertising for goods, services or even parties is not permitted.
  • Blatant untruths and unsupportable allegations are undesirable.
  • The contributions should always relate to the respective topic.
  • Please also remember to protect yourself and, if possible, not to disclose any private or sensitive data.

Violations are punished

Contributions that violate these rules will be deleted if necessary and/or reported to the respective platform. In the case of criminal content, legal steps will be examined. Links to external sites will be checked and deleted in case of violation. In the event of serious or repeated violations, users may be excluded from the social media channels of the City of Beckum. We also reserve the right to delete posts at any time without giving reasons.


All users are responsible for the posts they make. Posted contributions are publicly accessible and may be kept and archived by the city of Beckum in its social networks.


We are happy to receive questions and suggestions by e-mail to