You want to get married? Congratulations!

Couple at the wedding ceremony

You can register your intended marriage at
at the earliest six months before the wedding date. In the past, a bannsheet was ordered, today this process is called: registration for marriage.

You are now considered to be engaged to be married and want to register the marriage at the relevant registry office and bring the correct documents with you to do so.

If neither of you lives in Beckum, the Beckum registry office is not responsible for registering the marriage. However, it is possible to get married in Beckum. However, you must register at the registry office of your place of residence.

The registry office offers wedding ceremonies at various locations . In addition to the wedding room in the
town hall, these are the Höxberg mill, the museum smithy and the town museum.

Would you like to get married on a weekend? Or would you like a candlelight wedding? Or would you simply like to get married during the week? Would you like to know more about the ceremony?

Arrange your desired date and location for your civil wedding with the
registry office.