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Fire protection services

Fire protection services

Information from the Fire Protection Service:

Leaflet on fire brigade plans

Leaflet on fire brigade closures

Connection conditions for fire alarm systems

Leaflet Smoke Detector

Short info smoke detector

Questions about preventive fire protection? You've come to the right place!

We advise you on questions ...

  • For the extinguishing water supply
  • On the accessibility of the properties and structural facilities for the fire brigade
  • The location and arrangement of the points intended for laddering
  • The location and arrangement of extinguishing water retention facilities
  • On systems, installations and equipment for fire-fighting and for smoke and heat extraction
  • On operational fire prevention and fire fighting measures

... in the building supervisory approval procedure.


Since 01.08.2013, the Beckum fire brigade has performed the tasks of the fire protection service for the towns and municipalities of Beckum, Beelen, Drensteinfurt, Ennigerloh, Everswinkel, Ostbevern, Sassenberg, Telgte, Sendenhorst, Wadersloh and Warendorf.


Contact persons are:

Building inspection approval procedures:

Special constructions: Ingo Beelmann

Special constructions: Christian Heickmann


Housing and agriculture: Tobias Hinze

Housing and agriculture: Vincent Tielke

Fire prevention inspections in the Beckum municipal area:

Ingo Beelmann, Christian Heickmann, Tobias Hinze and Vincent Tielke

Please direct enquiries about fire safety education and fire safety instruction to brandschutzdienststelle@beckum.de with the subject "Enquiry fire safety education" or "Enquiry fire safety instruction".