Mayor Michael Gerdhenrich

Dear Beckum residents,
dear visitors,

Welcome to the website of the city of Beckum. With its approximately 500 employees, the city is one of the largest employers in Beckum and has a variety of tasks and offers a wide range of services. On the following pages you will find a round-the-clock overview of the services offered by the city and your contact persons as well as the corresponding contact details. In this way, you can deal with many concerns quickly and without having to make personal contact.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions, suggestions or criticism - your opinion is important to me. You can reach me by e-mail at
or by phone at 02521 29-1000.

Beckum is a city that is characterised by a strong sense of identification and a sense of belonging to the people who live here and who want to make a difference here. The people's expectations of politics and administration can and must be high.

In order to develop Beckum further, we need good ideas, the courage to implement these ideas and constructive cooperation between politics and administration that is oriented towards the common good. I will work for this with unconditional commitment from the very first moment.

Below you can find out more about me and my tasks as mayor. You will also find current news and insights into my daily work.

I hope to meet as many of you as possible soon in person at very different occasions and encounters. Even then, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Stay healthy and take care of yourself and your fellow human beings!
Yours Michael Gerdhenrich

Mayor's office hours

The next mayoral consultation will take place on 2 July 2024 from 14:00 to 16:00 at Freizeithaus Neubeckum, Gottfried-Polysius-Straße 6 in 59269 Beckum.

It is essential to telephone the mayor's office at
(02521 29-1501) to make an appointment in advance.

My honorary representations


Mr Gerdhenrich is a member of a large number of different bodies:

  • Municipal holding companies

    Beckumer Wohnungsgesellschaft mbh
    Permanent member of the Supervisory Board and member of the Shareholders' Meeting

    Energieversorgung Beckum
    Member of the shareholders' meeting of Verwaltungs-GmbH and member of the supervisory board and shareholders' meeting of GmbH & Co. KG

    Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung im Kreis Warendorf mbH
    Member of the Supervisory Board and the Shareholders' Meeting

    Regionalverkehr Münsterland GmbH
    Member of the Advisory Board and the Shareholders' Meeting

    Wasserversorgung Beckum GmbH
    Member of the Supervisory Board and the Shareholders' Meeting

    Westfälische Landes-Eisenbahn GmbH
    Member of the Supervisory Board and the Shareholders' Meeting

  • Memberships with political representations in bodies

    AWO Heinrich Dormann Centre
    Member of the Board of Trustees

    Erziehungshilfe Sankt Clara/Caritasverband im Kreisdekanat Warendorf e. V.
    Member of the Board of Trustees

    Member of the Regional Advisory Council

    Sparkasse Beckum-Wadersloh
    Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Risk Committee and the Audit Committee as well as Deputy Chairman of the Association

    Sparkassenverband Westfalen-Lippe
    Member of the Association Assembly

    Stiftung Sparkasse
    Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees

    Sparkassen Zweckverband
    Member of the Zweckverband Assembly

    Association of Towns and Municipalities of North Rhine-Westphalia
    Member of the General Assembly and deputy member of the Committee for Finance and Municipal Economy

  • Communal political bodies

    Council of the City of Beckum

    Main, Finance and Digital Committee

    Committee for Children, Youth and Families
    Advisory member

    Climate Council

    Advisory Board for City Marketing

    Schulzweckverband Beckum-Ennigerloh
    Member of the Zweckverband Assembly

  • Other committee representations and honorary offices

    Ahlen-Münster Employment Agency
    Substitute member of the Administrative Committee and substitute member of the Committee for Notifiable Dismissals

    Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Ortsverein Neubeckum e. V.
    Chairman of the Board of Directors

    City of Münster - citeq
    Advisory member of the operating committee

    Gelsenwasser AG
    Member of the Municipal Advisory Board

    Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e. V.
    Local Chairman

    Wasserverband Aabach-Talsperre
    Member of the Association Assembly