Trust and security through school social work

Our school social workers Ms Eisel and Ms Schütte, as well as our school social worker Mr Rolf, advise and support pupils, parents and teachers at Beckum schools. School social work is a voluntary and confidential service.

We offer pupils the following services:

  • Support with school, family and personal difficulties
  • Help with problems with classmates and friends
  • or just the possibility to talk to someone
School social workers

We offer parents:

  • Advice on the education and participation package
    (to promote and support children from low-income families)
  • Support in contact with the school, accompaniment of parent meetings
  • Support with uncertainties in dealing with your child
  • Help in finding external counselling services

We offer teachers:

  • Accompaniment and support in case of problems with individual pupils or whole classes
  • Teaching observation

Accompanying parent talks

For personal talks at the school or at the Neubeckum town hall, please make an appointment in advance (in person, by phone or by e-mail).

All conversations are voluntary and will be treated confidentially!

We look forward to a good school time together!

  • Responsibilities in the primary schools

    Mrs Schütte
    Primary schools in Beckum and Neubeckum
  • Quality assurance in primary schools

    In the course of inclusion and digitalisation, professional fields in the school system are changing massively. Unlike in the past, teachers and the school system are required to cooperate on a multi-professional basis and with other institutions and to act as a multi-professional and multi-perspective team within their own system. In addition, with the expansion to an all-day programme, schools form an essential living space for children and young people. This not only increases the demands on the design of a school culture, but also on the self- and social competence of the individual child.

    In the primary schools in Beckum, the focus is on developing tailored support and services for children with challenging behaviour in the school context. If the services and mission of schools and youth welfare services are not seen as additive, but rather as a joint mission to accompany and support the child in their individuality, and if this is linked in joint inclusive forms of work that focus on the child and the employees in their individuality, a common attitude, a common work structure and clear role models are required. The "At eye level" concept is a joint project of the Beckum primary schools and the youth welfare services of the town of Beckum.

  • Responsibilities in the secondary schools

    Mrs Eisel
    Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium & Kopernikus-Gymnasium
    Mr Rolf
    Secondary school