A bird's eye view of Beckum

Living space for relaxing, learning and snacking

In 2013, a meadow orchard with different, well-tried fruit tree varieties was planted as part of the Werserenaturalisation.

A total of 65 trees were planted, ten of which were donated by the Beckumer Industrie association and have been standing along the Werseradweg cycle path between Beckum and Ahlen at the height of the new weather shelter since November 2012.

The fruit meadow is freely accessible to everyone and offers every young and old guest a treat for in between. The trees are not yet bearing fruit, but in the coming years they will be able to enjoy the variety of fruit. In addition to 19 different varieties of apple trees, cherry, plum, pear and mirabelle plum trees have been planted. For orientation, there is an information board in the weather shelter on which all the trees are listed in an overview plan. In addition, each tree has its own signage with its fact sheet.

Diversity for endangered species

An orchard provides a habitat for many animal species, some of which are threatened with extinction. Blossoms, leaves and wood provide food for many insect species. Rare bird species such as redstarts, tree sparrows and green woodpeckers can often be found in old fruit tree stands, but bats also use these orchards as hunting grounds and the tree hollows as shelter.

A visit is therefore worthwhile in any case. Perhaps during a restful break in the shade of the trees and with a little luck and patience, rare animal species can soon be observed. Planted fruit trees only develop into large and long-lived trees if they are cared for regularly and professionally, especially in the first years of growth.