Commissioner for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities - in short, Disability Commissioner

Hello, I'm Michaela Al-Chabi, your representative for the interests of people with disabilities. I am part of the Social Services department. I have 9 hours a week available for this task.

I am:

  • Contact person for all residents
  • Contact person for my colleagues
  • Mediator to the administration and politics

my topics are:

  • Accessibility
  • Public relations
  • Inclusion in all areas of life
  • Improving opportunities for participation in all areas of life
  • and much more

You will find me:

  • in room 160, floor 1a in Beckum town hall
  • The lift can be reached with help via the inner courtyard or in the town hall via stairs
  • You can't reach the lift? Then I will organise an office in the Citizens' Advice Bureau for our conversation!
  • You have a hearing impairment, I have a mobile ring loop

  • Working Group Encounter

    The working group Begegnung consists of members of the Inclusion, Equality, Social Affairs, Housing and Volunteering Committee as well as members of the administration.

    Who belongs to it?

    At present, the working group Begegnung consists of the following members:

    • Michaela Al-Chabi, representative for the interests of people with disabilities/administration
    • Martin May-Neitemann, Head of the Social Services Department
    • Olaf Schulte, Head of the Youth and Social Affairs Department
    • Karin Burtzlaff, Committee Member
    • Thomas Feldmann, Committee Member
    • Ulrike Spiggelkötter, Committee Member
    • Kathrin Averdung, Committee Member
    • Hans-Jürgen Meyer, Committee Member

    What does the working group deal with?

    • It focuses on the living situation of people with disabilities in Beckum.
    • It develops demands or measures to improve the situation of people with disabilities.
    • He organises the Day of Encounter and the Beckum Congresses.
    • It jointly develops the inclusion plan.