Disability Commissioner: Plain Language

  • Disability Officer

    Disability Officer

    My name is Monika Björklund.
    I am the disability representative in Beckum. I make sure that the needs of people with disabilities are taken into account.

    I'll take care of it:

    • around the inclusion plan
    • around obstacles
    • for infor-ma-tion
    • around the day of the meeting
    • around the Beckum Congress

    You can contact me.
    For example

    • They want to complain.
    • You can improve something.
    • You need help.

    My office is in the Beckum town hall.
    My office number is 153.

  • Working group on ge-ment

    Working group on ge-ment

    A working group is a group of people.

    They work together to make a difference.

    Our working group is called Be-geg-nung.

    We want to create good conditions for people with disabilities in Beckum.

    Everyone should be able to participate everywhere.

    For example:

    We plan the Beckum Congress.
    The Beckum Congress is a meeting.
    Then we talk about what people need.
    Last time we talked about housing.