Scenario event series brings

Art on the street

A look back at the year 2023

The Boardwalk Theatre made a guest appearance in the town of Beckum this summer. Billed as "Scenario Street Theatre", four highly motivated artists demonstrated their art of filling the moment with fascination.

Hula-hoop and situation comedy

On Friday evening, the artistic quartet made a stop at the market square in Neubeckum. They welcomed the audience with deckchairs in different colours and a few benches. The stage was in front of the entrance to Neubeckum town hall, where Philipp Marth, alias "Mr Konrad", greeted the audience. His part was the situation comedy and juggling.

With one or more hula-hoops, "Carmela la Tanik" showed the audience her art in the evening. The endearing acrobat had great fun balancing over beer cans and involving the audience in her act.

Acrobat with a "third leg"

"Ea Paravicini" enchanted the Neubeckum audience with her "third leg". With this, the young acrobat proved her skill and was suddenly so incredibly agile, if you simply overlook her black leg. When "Mr Konrad" came on stage again with a unicycle with a very high saddle, the Hamburg native showed his quality in juggling with cones while also involving the audience.

"Kaspar Gross" showed his skill with a variety of juggling acts, but also that he is particularly good at navigating bends on small bicycles. As the sun came through the clouds later in the evening, "Ea Paravicini" made another appearance, but this time on the tightrope. She danced across the taut tightrope in a simple and elegant manner and demonstrated body control, for which the audience thanked the artist for her performance with great applause.

DJ plays until after midnight

After the performances by the artist collective, Fabian Neumann aka "DJ Alleundjeder" took over. He accompanied the Neubeckumers with his selection of music until after midnight.

On Saturday evening, the Boardwalk Theatre artists' collective finally performed on Beckum's market square.

Tyres with knife blades

Here, the quartet of artists were just as motivated as they were in Neubeckum and wowed the Beckum audience straight away. Among other things, "Carmen la Tanik" presented her sharpest hula hoop, which cut through the carrot "Martin" with knife blades - an alternative act to the previous day that was met with great enthusiasm.

After the Boardwalk Theatre performance, there was music again. This time, however, it came from "DJ Abik Abgarian", who has been travelling as an event manager and DJ for 20 years.

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