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Being smart - becoming smart - a constant process

Beckum is on its way.

Smart City information stand
Citizen participation in the open Sunday on 16.10.2022

The city of Beckum wants to become a Smart City and is developing its strategy together with you.

What is a smart city?

  • A city that has recognised its potential and, most importantly, how to use and develop it.
  • This can happen with digital innovations, but it does not have to. The important thing is to make processes simpler
  • Smart means clever.
  • Smart for us is: efficient, climate-friendly, liveable and user-friendly
  • Resources should be made available at the appropriate time for the specific need.
  • We are looking for solutions for our local reality with the aim of maintaining and increasing the quality of life and living.
  • Smart City concerns us all: at any age, whether living or working in Beckum
  • They are the experts, for this reason we need their participation, your participation


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