Visible and tangible history

In addition to the town museum, Beckum has five non-municipal historical buildings and institutions that vividly document our history and keep it alive.

All buildings can be visited by prior arrangement.

  • Cement Museum

    Thanks to the initiative of four men, the Cement Museum was opened in Köttings Mühle in 2010. The museum vividly shows the development of the "Beckum cement district" from its beginnings to the industrial production of cement.

    Homepage of the museum and contact

  • Forge Galen

    The "Schmiede Galen", a listed building, found a new home in 2003 in a building erected by the Kolping Family Beckum right next to St. Stephen's Church. It can be visited. The Kolping family also offers forging demonstrations.

    Clemens-August-Straße 10
    59269 Beckum

    Ferdinand Plaßmann
    02521 6806

    More information from the local history society