A bird's eye view of Beckum

People, machines and a lot of know-how

Around 70 employees, from gardeners to carpenters, from office workers to motor vehicle mechanics, provide a wide range of services for the city and the municipal companies "Bäder" and "Abwasser". A modern fleet of vehicles and machinery is available for the tasks.

Städtische Betriebe Beckum (SBB) trains young people in the fields of "road maintenance", "gardening and landscaping" and "motor vehicle mechatronics".

Our services:

Road maintenance and winter service

  • Maintenance of roads, paths and squares
  • Street cleaning
  • Maintenance of the roadside greenery
  • Road safety checks on roads, farm tracks and footpaths
  • Winter service

Green maintenance and landscape conservation

  • Maintenance of the municipal green spaces, sports grounds and playgrounds
  • Maintenance of the municipal cemeteries Elisabethstraße and Parkfriedhof
  • Woody plants and tree care
  • Forest and forestry work
  • New plants and plantings of any kind
  • Safety inspections (such as tree inspection, playground inspection or gravestone inspection)
  • Maintenance of the extensive areas
  • Maintenance of the roadside ditches
  • Watercourse management

Building maintenance

  • Carpentry and joinery
  • Bricklaying and tiling
  • Electrical work
  • Locksmith and plumber work
  • Painting

Car workshop

  • Repair and maintenance work for the entire municipal vehicle fleet including the fire brigade as well as machinery and equipment

Other services

  • Support for municipal events
  • Emptying the street paper bins
  • Removal of litter
  • Caretaker and groundsman deputies