You have lost or found something?

You can find out whether your missing item has already been handed in to the lost property office of the city of Beckum in the online lost property office or by calling 02521 29-3354.

Anyone who finds an object is legally obliged to report the find to the responsible public order authority. The found objects must be kept for 6 months. If no owner can be found after the prescribed storage period, the finder has the right to acquire ownership.
In case of relinquishment, the City of Beckum becomes the owner. However, under certain circumstances, the owner can demand the transfer of ownership back within three years.

Finder's reward

The finder can demand a finder's reward from the owner; the amount depends on the value of the found object. The right to a finder's reward is regulated by private law.

Lost property report

You can report your lost property to the City of Beckum in person or online.