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Active care support

The Tüney siblings and Beckum's former mayor Dr. Strothmann (2nd from right)

Not new in Beckum, but now in a central location in the town centre.
The AGS-Pflegedienst team has been providing outpatient, holistic and self-determined care to people on a daily basis for 24 years.
With the move from Alleestraße to Nordstraße 28, AGS-Pflegedienst would like to be even better and more centrally accessible.
The team's mission statement is to reach and support patients through positive energy. The nursing service team is a purely family-run business made up of the Tüney siblings.

The services include basic care, treatment care, domestic care and everyday support and assistance.
AGS-Pflegedienst also offers apprenticeships in the fields of nursing and office management in the healthcare sector.

Further information is available on the website www.ags-pflege.de or directly by telephone on 02521/28101 or by email info@ags-pflege.de.
During the opening day, Mayor Dr Strothmann also took the opportunity to welcome the company to the city centre.

Flowers and more on Oststraße

Frank Schlotmann (l., owner) and Brigitte Pumpe (ISG Oststraße/City Initiative)

Just in time for the start of spring, Frank Schlotmann has opened his shop "Der Florist" at Oststraße 34. The reasons for choosing this location included the beautiful façade of the building and the easily accessible location.
The name "Der Florist" certainly suits the owner Frank Schlotmann, who has been working as a florist in Beckum for many years and is therefore already known to many. And now he has launched his own business. However, "Der Florist" is not "just" a shop for flowers, but also for decorative items, vases and even lamps. In other words, everything you see in the shop can be bought. This means that there is always something new to discover, even in smaller spaces. There are currently plans to expand the concept to include individual pieces of furniture and pictures. But always in such a way that the lightness of the furnishings is retained and it doesn't appear overloaded.
The property and location association "Wir von der Oststraße" e. V. is also delighted with the new addition to Oststraße, which is also an attractive addition to the branch.
The shop is open:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 18:00 and on Wednesday and Saturday from 09:00 to 13:00.
You can also visit the shop on Sunday from 10:00 to 12:00.
You can reach Mr Schlotmann by telephone during opening hours at
on 02521 / 8539743.

We are very happy about the new start and wish you a good start and much success.

In Neubeckum, too, the name remains, the management is new

Cafe Central in Neubeckum at Hautstraße 60 also changed hands at the turn of the year.
Julia Dobler and Cetin Turan jointly reorganised the Cafe Central concept. The team is complemented by Cetin Turan's sister Emine, among others.
Breakfast is served daily from 10.00 a.m., except Tuesdays. At lunchtime and in the evening, the menu ranges from pizza and pasta dishes, burgers and salads to other Italian dishes. Due to the continuous opening hours, cakes are of course also on offer.
Especially on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 18:00, cocktails take centre stage, because that's when it's "happy hour". Cetin Turan already has experience behind the bar for this.
Of course, food can also be ordered to take away. The prices on the menu are then reduced by 10%.
The team can be contacted for reservations and advance orders on 02525 962027. Tuesdays are closed.

We wish all guests bon appétit and the team every success!

The name remains, the owner is new

Helga Grothues (l., City of Beckum), Tanja Georg (owner) and Beckum's former mayor Dr Strothmann

At the start of the new year, there is also a change at the Kirschbaum health food shop. Tanja Georg is the new owner.

She already has many years of experience in the catering industry, including through her work at the Westfälischer Hof at Kliewe. The opportunity to take over the Kirschbaum shop at Weststraße 34b arose at the right time.
Although some things remain the same, there are various changes/innovations that give the shop the owner's new signature. A large part of the experienced team, which is already well-known and popular with customers, has also remained and will continue to be on hand with help and advice together with Mrs Georg.
Mrs Georg will endeavour to ensure that you place the same trust in her that you placed in her predecessors. She is looking forward to getting to know the regular customers and many people interested in organic produce.

The organic shop is open
from 08:30 - 13:00 and from 15:00 - 18:00.
On Saturday you can shop from 08:30 - 13:00.

Together with the city centre management, Mayor Dr Strothmann welcomed the new owner. Mrs Holtmann from the Beckum city centre initiative also accepted the invitation and welcomed the new business partner.

Further information can be found at
or on the Facebook page

The team can be reached by telephone during opening hours on 02521 16314.

We are very pleased about the succession and wish him a good start and much success.

Another "extra" for Beckum city centre

From left: Marcel Bracht (Cafe Extrablatt Zentrale), Musa Halili, Helga Grothues (City of Beckum), Bernd Stichling (Hotelier- u. Wirteverein e. V.), Wolfgang Immig (Cityinitiative Beckum e. V.)

f.l. Marcel Bracht (Cafe Extrablatt Zentrale), Musa Halili, Helga Grothues (City of Beckum), Bernd Stichling (Hotelier- u. Wirteverein e. V.), Wolfgang Immig (Cityinitiative Beckum e. V.)

Just in time for the Christmas market, Cafe Extrablatt opened at Markt 9 in Beckum town centre. This means that Beckum can now join the ranks of Cafe Extrablatt branches at number 81.
Cafe Extrablatt is another important building block in increasing the quality of stay in Beckum's city centre for young and old alike and thus also increasing the length of time visitors spend there.
Musa Halili is the local manager in Beckum. He brings many years of catering experience with him to Beckum and can therefore gradually build up a competent team. Even if something goes wrong at the beginning, you should help the team to settle in.
At Cafe Extrablatt, you can enjoy everything from breakfast in the morning, lunch, coffee and cake to dinner.
The Extrablatt team is there for you from 08:30 on Mondays to Fridays, with breakfast starting at 09:00 on Sundays.
Table reservations can be made by telephone on 0151 12710522 or online via the Cafe Extrablatt website:
The catering scene in Beckum has developed particularly well in recent times and now offers something for every taste and requirement.

We wish Mr Halili and his team here in Beckum a good start and lots of fun for guests from near and far!

Better hearing in Beckum

From left: Beckum's former mayor Dr Strothmann, Thomas and David Häusler, Isabel Düker, Kira Adamietz

Brothers Thomas and David Häusler opened their 14th branch at Nordstraße 13 in Beckum in October. Hörsysteme Häusler is a family business with its headquarters in Salzkotten and was voted one of the top 100 acousticians this year.
Great attention was paid to detail during the redesign of the shop space, resulting in an attractive, harmonious overall appearance.
During the opening, Mayor Dr Strothmann and the city centre management of Beckum were also able to see for themselves that not all hearing aids are the same and that competent, trustworthy advice and support is essential.
The company ensures the expertise of its local employees, Kira Adamietz and Isabel Düker, by placing great importance on training the next generation itself and providing them with appropriate further training.
The team places a particular focus on in-the-ear hearing systems that meet the high demands placed on aesthetics.
The company has its own laboratory and repair workshop so that repairs can be carried out quickly and easily.
The range naturally includes a variety of hearing aids in different price and performance categories and the associated care products, etc.
The family business also has a special children's hearing centre in Geseke, where the needs of children are deliberately catered for. The family business also specialises in hearing protection. Not only the sale of such products, but also corresponding training courses.

In their company, brothers David and Thomas Häusler live by the guiding principle that good hearing is indispensable. What's more, it enriches life. And with expertise and empathy, they want to make this possible for every customer. At the opening, Mayor Dr Strothmann and Helga Grothues from the city centre management team were able to see for themselves that the brothers live by this guiding principle.

The opening hours are:
Monday - Friday from 9:00 - 13:00 and from 14:00 - 16:00.
Saturday appointments are also possible by arrangement.

You can reach Hörsysteme Häusler by telephone on 02521 8262114.

Further information is available at www.das-leben-kling-gut.de

We wish you much success and always a sympathetic ear!

LBS with new location in Beckum

The customer centre in Beckum

The LBS team in Beckum can be found at the new location at Oststraße 47 from 29 September 2017. Where other financial service providers are reducing their presence, LBS is flying the flag to be close to its customers. The team of five experts works closely with the nearby LBS customer centres in Ahlen and Hiltrup to offer customers a wide range of services and, above all, real estate. The location at Oststrasse 47 is now also closer to the town centre, offers a very modern advisory atmosphere and much better parking facilities. The LBS property and building society specialists under the management of Michael Bach serve a total of 87,000 citizens in and around Beckum. From the end of September, LBS in Beckum will be working in its new form and at its new location. The experienced LBS area manager Michael Bach will lead the 25 team members at the three locations. Bach and his newly formed team are particularly well known for their broad property expertise and as building society and financing experts.

The LBS experts want to pay special attention to the further expansion of real estate business, as the domestic real estate market is currently characterised by a very high demand with an insufficient supply. Barrier-free properties - flats and houses - are very much in demand, as are low-priced single-family houses for homeowners with good craftsmanship. According to Bach, there is still a lot to do to meet the customers' demand for affordable housing. Therefore, together with the whole team, he is on the lookout for suitable properties in all price ranges. A particular speciality of the team is professional property valuation for a completely reliable market price assessment. This provides the best basis for sellers and buyers and a solid price determination. This way, buyers and sellers know exactly what the property is worth and can plan their budget precisely. The financing and building society conditions are really favourable for the purchase of residential property, and the state adds a lot of money - up to €50,000 - with the current Riester subsidy. So an information talk at the new LBS location at Oststraße 47 is particularly worthwhile. This is also because we work closely with Sparkasse Wadersloh-Beckum on financing issues. In the future, 2 real estate and 3 financing experts will take care of the housing needs of the citizens of Beckum.

LBS Area Manager Michael Bach ,
59269 Beckum, Oststr. 47, Tel. (02521) 14011

Not just for creatives

From left: Reinhard Northoff (Gewerbeverein Beckum e. V.), owner Jutta Balke and husband Bernd Balke

There is now something very special at Nordstraße 16. Jutta Balke has opened her shop "mein Almrausch" there.

Those who now think there is traditional costume fashion are mistaken. You can find great, modern fabrics and accessories here, which I can either use to make something myself or I can fall back on the creativity of the owner.

Mrs Balke also offers sewing courses in the area. There are currently six sewing courses for children, where they can give free rein to their creativity with support and then proudly present the results. Adults can also attend the sewing school.

There are currently various dates for a school cone workshop until July. The highlight of the self-made school cone is that it can be converted into a cushion afterwards. This means that the school cone can still be used after the first day of school and the effort was worth it.

The owner will be happy to answer any questions about the sewing courses.

You can reach Mrs Balke either in her shop at Nordstraße 16 or on 02521 / 8791268 or jutta-balke@gmx.de. You can also find the latest news on the Facebook page mein-almrausch.
It's definitely worth stopping by!

We wish you every success!

Loyal to the location for 50 years

Branch manager Ms Messing (l.) and Beckum's former mayor Dr Strothmann

On 6 April 2017, engbers Modehaus celebrated the 50th anniversary of its Beckum location.
The mayor, Dr Karl-Uwe Strothmann, also took the opportunity to congratulate the dedicated team on site.

Engbers started out with the shirt shop at Nordstraße 10 and later moved to its current location at Nordstraße 15.

Here, customers appreciate the honest and competent advice provided by store manager Mrs Messing and her team. Customers also take advantage of the opportunity to order goods by telephone in the shop and have them sent home.

Engbers offers everything around menswear. Starting with socks, a selection of fashionable shoes, accessories such as belts and others, all the way to a sporty overall outfit. The long-standing team looks forward to continuing to provide customers with competent advice.

The team at the engbers shop in Beckum can be reached by telephone on 02521 / 17879 during opening hours.

The opening hours are:
Monday - Friday from 9:30 - 13:00 and 14:30 - 18:30
Saturdays from 9:30 - 14:00.

The mayor wished the company every success for the future and continued customer satisfaction!

News from the "marketplace"

Bernd Stichling (l., Hotelier- und Wirteverein e. V. ) and Mario Montorio (as representative for Pascal Montorio)

In March, two new cafés opened in the market square area.

Firstly, the (ice cream)"Cafe CIAO" opened in the Markt 4 property. In addition to homemade ice cream specialities, it also serves mostly homemade cakes.

Of course, the Italian coffee specialities and another selection of different drinks are not to be missed. If the weather is bad, you can sit inside with a view of the market square or enjoy the sun and sit comfortably in front of the "Cafe CIAO".

PascalMontorio and his team are looking forward to presenting their range to you and look forward to your visit.

The opening hours are:
Daily from 9:00 - 22:00.

We wish you every success!

New accents in Beckum

From left: Helga Grothues (City of Beckum), Margret Holota (owner), Doris Porombka (Gewerbeverein Beckum e. V.)

On 22 October 2016, Ms Holota opened a small but excellent bookshop at Nordstraße 29. The owner, who already owns two bookshops in Hamm, is convinced that people also read in Beckum and is focussing on bricks-and-mortar retail.

Margret Holota lives in her world of books and wants to open it up to her customers by providing expert advice. In addition to the well-known bestsellers, personal tips can also be found in the display.
To introduce children to the world of books at an early age, Mrs Holota places great importance on selected children's books.
Of course, guidebooks on topics such as gardening, cooking, travel, regional books, cycling maps and, of course, audio books are also available.
If a desired book is not available, it can usually be obtained by the next day.
The furnishing concept makes the shop feel inviting and warm. You can enjoy your first read in a small seating area.
The owner is supported by three competent employees, some of whom have been providing expert advice to Beckum customers for a long time.

For next year, she plans to offer various author readings or lectures, with and without music, based on her Hammer concept. She is happy to accommodate individual requests.

The existing Holota bookshop has been recognised as an "outstanding bookshop" for the second time this year. And the people of Beckum can now also enjoy this service locally. Have fun browsing!

The opening hours are:
Monday - Friday from 9:00 - 18:30
and Saturday from 9:00 - 14:00.

You can call 02521 8298710 with any questions.