A bird's eye view of Beckum

Yellow bin

The company PreZero, Kupferstraße 30 in Rheda-Wiedenbrück is responsible for the collection of the yellow bins in Beckum. The city of Beckum is not or was not responsible for this contract award. It was carried out within the framework of Duales Systeme Deutschland, which has awarded the collection of the yellow bins for the district of Warendorf, and is organised purely on a private-sector basis.

The client for the dual systems in the Warendorf district is Bellandvision GmbH, Pegnitz. The costs of the system are borne proportionately by the customers when they purchase goods in packaging.

The yellow bins in Beckum are emptied in the even weeks, i.e. together with the residual waste collection. The collection districts and the days of the week are based on the municipal system.

Only sales packaging made of plastic, metal or composite materials belongs in the yellow bin. Other items made of the same material, for example the plastic toothbrush, video cassettes, disposable razors etc., do not belong in it. With two exceptions: Glass belongs in the bottle bank, packaging made of cardboard (such as cornflakes packets) or paper belongs in the waste paper bin.

Packaging that belongs in the yellow bin:

  • Plastic packaging
    Containers for personal care products, washing-up liquid bottles, yoghurt pots, plastic tubes, carrier bags, ice-cream packaging, paint buckets, toothpaste tubes ...
  • Metal packaging
    Aluminium foil, beverage and food cans, crown caps, metal closures, lids ...
  • Composite packaging
    Milk, juice and wine cartons, vacuum packaging for coffee, polystyrene packaging ...

Plastics and metals that are not packaging (e.g. cooking pots, toothbrushes, the cracked mop bucket), paper and cardboard packaging, glass packaging, heavily soiled fast food packaging such as pizza boxes, all other waste that is not packaging must not go into the yellow bin .


If you have any problems, please contact PreZero directly on the
service hotline 0800 8866666 or by e-mail at kommunal.westfalen@prezero.com.

The City of Beckum is not responsible for the emptying, installation and transport of the yellow bins.