Commit to our city


Make yourself strong for Beckum!

With the Beckum logo you can express your solidarity with the city and advertise yourself at the same time. The logo highlights the advantages of Beckum and stands for an attractive location. It stands for the diversity and high quality of Beckum's products and services as well as its natural features.

The City of Beckum owns the trademark rights and provides the logo freely and without charge.

The logo with or without the slogan Always better. is available free of charge for use - especially in the social, cultural and economic fields - by all Beckum associations, clubs, companies and private individuals who also wish to visually express their solidarity with the city of Beckum.
The logo may not be used in a way that could lead to confusion with the authority or create an official or official character.
The logo may not be used in connection with content and representations that glorify violence, are contemptuous of humanity and racist, sexist and pornographic, discriminatory, right-wing and left-wing extremist or anti-constitutional.

Users agree to the terms of use by downloading the files. The permission to use may be revoked at any time if the terms of use are violated.

In order to protect the trademark, the Beckum logo may only be used in the manner described in the terms of use. The logo may not be falsified or altered in its use; insofar as no express provision to the contrary has been made.

You can download the Beckum logo in various file formats for print and office applications, with or without the claim (Always better). Please note that you cannot enlarge or reduce JPG files as you wish. Use PDF files or the vector graphics for these purposes, provided you have the appropriate programs.

For further variants, please contact us!