Jubilee Honorary Service Card in the Sea of Flowers

Commitment for a good cause

For a long time, civic engagement has been very important in Beckum. It has a long tradition in the interaction of the people living here and is extremely important for the social, cultural and sporting life in Beckum. It makes a special contribution to the quality of life in our city. For this reason, the city of Beckum supports this commitment in many ways, including advice, the provision of services and materials, and numerous benefits.

In addition, residents with and without a migration background in Beckum are also committed to helping people in need of support outside of an association. They are involved in caring for others, in neighbourhood assistance, in visiting services or in accompanying people in special circumstances. Especially through joint participation in social and cultural areas, the coexistence of all Beckum residents is promoted.

A thank you for your services

  • Volunteer card

    Since September 2011, the city of Beckum has also been saying "thank you" to committed residents with the Ehrenamtskarte for dedicated employees in clubs and associations.

    As a holder of an Ehrenamtskarte, you receive, for example, reduced admission to museums, libraries, theatres, swimming pools or adult education centres. Institutions and companies in North Rhine-Westphalia that support the project carry a corresponding notice.
    Homepage Ehrensache NRW - engagiert in NRW
    Overview of benefits


    • at least five hours per week or 250 hours per year of voluntary work without remuneration or lump-sum expense allowance
    • the honorary office must have been carried out for at least two years
    • For holders of the Juleica (youth leader card) the waiting period is shortened to six months, the proof of the required number of hours is waived.

    The Ehrenamtskarte is valid in North Rhine-Westphalia in all municipalities participating in the project as well as in the designated institutions outside the place of residence.

    digital application

    The city of Beckum now also offers the application process digitally via the app Ehrenamtskarte NRW. This means that the application process can be handled paperlessly. The Ehrenamtskarte is then made available digitally in the app after successful processing in the town hall. The benefits for the card holders can also be conveniently accessed in the app. The familiar form of the Ehrenamtskarte as a card in cheque format can also be handed out at the town hall on request. Existing cards can also be integrated into the app at a later date. As a note to the associations: If a volunteer applies digitally in the app, you will be informed by email and must confirm the information via the link in the email.

    The most important questions are answered here. Frequently asked questions about the Volunteer Card App NRW | Engagiert NRW (engagiert-in-nrw.de)

    The app is available for download free of charge from the App Stores.
    Direct links for Android and iOS:

  • Jubilee honorary service card

    Recognition for many years of commitment in North Rhine-Westphalia

    On 9 March 2022, in addition to the Ehrenamtskarte NRW, the state of NRW introduced the unlimited anniversary Ehrenamtskarte for many years of voluntary work. It is intended for those who have been involved in voluntary work for many years and are no longer able to do so or do not reach the weekly number of five hours of voluntary work.

    The prerequisite for receiving the Jubilee Volunteer Card is at least 25 years of voluntary work with an above-average amount of time spent for the common good. The commitment can also have been made in different organisations. Interruptions in the commitment biography can be accepted.

    All benefits can be claimed that are also offered for the nationwide Ehrenamtskarte.

    If your commitment takes place in Beckum, send the original completed application for the Jubilee Volunteer Card to the City of Beckum. Organisations also have the option of nominating a person who fulfils the requirements and should be awarded the Jubilee Volunteer Card.

    For general information on the NRW Jubilee Volunteer Card and benefits, please visit ENGAGIERT in NRW.

  • Juleica

    Attention group leaders! Do you lead a children's or youth group, would you like to receive further training and benefit from some financial advantages?

    The youth group leader training gives you the opportunity to do this. In two blocks you will get information about:

    • Aims, methods and tasks of youth work
    • sociological and psychological foundations
    • Rights and duties

    All young people aged 16 and over can register.

    The Juleica is an ID card that entitles volunteers in children's and youth work to lead children's and youth groups.

    Your advantages at a glance:

    • You have a justification to the guardians of the children who are in your group.
    • You can justify yourself to governmental and non-governmental bodies from which advice and help is sought.
    • You have financial advantages such as discounts on visits to the Beckum swimming pools.

    What are the requirements?

    • Minimum age: 16 years
    • Participation in training in accordance with the guidelines (at least 30 hours)
    • Ongoing voluntary work with an independent or public youth welfare organisation
    • First aid course

    How do I get the Juleica?
    If you meet all the requirements, you can apply for the Youth Leader Card yourself online.

    Homepage of the Juleica

    Extension of the Juleica
    For the extension (re-issue) of the Juleica, participation in one or more further training events totalling at least eight hours must be proven.

Financial support

  • Financial support according to the guideline of voluntary social services of the city of Beckum

    In view of the social importance and the special consideration for a high social quality of life, the provision of voluntary social services to support a variety of social purposes is a special goal that the city of Beckum has already been fulfilling for years with great commitment. As the city of Beckum continues to have a special obligation to strengthen the social infrastructure and to adapt it to the social necessities, it is important to support and accompany the organisations active in this field, but also the families, beyond the legal entitlement. The City of Beckum therefore grants voluntary subsidies within the scope of its financial capacity on the basis of this guideline. The guideline contains regulations for individual target groups. They primarily represent binding regulations for the administration. Nevertheless, they also serve to inform applicants about funding opportunities, funding requirements and funding procedures. This guideline exclusively covers voluntary funding by the City of Beckum, which is provided within the framework of the financial capacity of the City of Beckum and to which there is no legal entitlement.

    The following funding priorities are taken into account within the framework of this guideline:
    - Civic Engagement,
    - Families,
    - Clubs and Associations,
    - Self-Help Groups,
    - Meeting Centres.

    The guideline adopted by the Beckum City Council in September 2022 is intended to help promote civic engagement, association structures and families.

    Applications can be submitted as of now.

  • NRW micro-grant programmes: 2,000 x 1,000 euros for commitment

    The State Chancellery informs:

    Civically engaged people, civil society organisations and initiatives can apply for funding under the micro-funding programme "2,000 x 1,000 euros for engagement" from 1 April 2023. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia is once again providing two million euros for the funding programme, which was launched for the first time last year. This means that up to 2,000 projects can be funded with a fixed amount of 1,000 euros each in this funding period. The main theme is once again "Shaping Community - Living a Committed Neighbourhood". Applications can be submitted via the online funding portal "engagementfoerderung.nrw".

    The State Secretary for Sport and Volunteering, Andrea Milz, said: "I am pleased that the committed in North Rhine-Westphalia will again receive additional support this year and will be able to implement smaller projects and plans. I deliberately decided to also offer the focus theme 'Shaping Community - Living a Committed Neighbourhood' from last year for 2023." State Secretary Milz emphasised: "The war in Ukraine and the plight of the people shake us all deeply. Many of us feel the need to help and want to get involved. People are also seeking refuge in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the spirit of the priority theme, the funding programme therefore enables committed people, initiatives and civil society organisations to implement projects that strengthen the community and togetherness on site and make it easier for refugees to arrive in their new neighbourhood.

    Applicants who were not able to implement their measures as planned last year also have another opportunity to apply for funding. The 54 districts and independent cities are once again responsible for implementing the funding programme. They take care of processing the applications in their district or city area. Information and helpful tips on the funding procedure can be found at: https://www.engagiert-in-nrw.de/foerderprogramm-2000-x-1000-euro-fuer-das-engagement

    The state programme "2,000 x 1,000 Euros for Commitment" is part of the commitment strategy for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia adopted by the state government. Committed and civil society organisations had expressed the need for additional funding access, especially micro-funding programmes, as part of a broad participation process.

    For citizen enquiries, please contact: Telephone 0211 837-01.

  • Micro-grant programme

Volunteers wanted!

  • Family sponsorships

    PATENzeit for godmothers and godfathers

    An African proverb says: "It takes a whole village to raise a child." But what to do when that village is not available? In the past, families supported and helped each other in word and deed. Today, many families lack such a private network of grandparents, friends and neighbours: the granny who reads to the children, the uncle who is talented at handicrafts or the friend with an open ear are often no longer there to help parents.

    This is exactly where the two mentoring programmes of the Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen (SkF) e. V. come in. Volunteers support families in their everyday family life. In the sponsorship programme "Starting life with sponsors", volunteers accompany young parents in the first year of their child's life and help them to gain confidence in everyday life with their baby. Under the motto "Have time, give time", volunteers devote a few hours a week to families with children, thus providing relief.

    What tasks do family mentors expect?
    Depending on your interests, abilities, the age of the children, these can be:

    • common leisure activities
    • a sympathetic ear for the children and their parents
    • Support in areas that you determine yourself: e.g. homework help, accompaniment to visits to authorities or doctors, suggestions for daily structure or everyday organisation

    What does the SkF Familienpaten offer?

    • Taking on a beautiful task
    • Contacts and exchange in a group with like-minded people
    • Training and further education
    • Insurance cover and travel allowances
    • Advice and support throughout the sponsorship

    Are you interested in becoming a family sponsor or would you like more information? Then contact us and arrange a non-binding information meeting.

    Volunteer coordinator SkF, responsible for Beckum:
    Sarah Gerke
    Wibbeltstr. 2
    59302 Oelde
    Phone: 02522 8320304
    Mobile: 0160 8854494
    E-mail: gerke@skf-kreiswarendorf.de

    On the website PATENzeit für Patinnen und Paten (skf-online.de) you will find more information and our questionnaire for family sponsors, which you can fill out if you are interested.

    About the SkF e. V. in the district of Warendorf

    The Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen (SkF) e. V. in the district of Warendorf as the sponsor of the family sponsorships is an independent women's professional association and professional association of the German Caritas Association. The SkF e. V. is a non-profit social work organisation. For more than 80 years, SkF e. V. has been working in the entire district of Warendorf, especially for women, children and families in difficult life situations. What makes the work of the SkF e. V. so special is the trusting cooperation of more than 150 volunteers and 43 full-time staff from different professions.

    The SkF e. V. is active in the following fields of work:

    • Counselling and assistance within the framework of child and youth welfare services
    • Pregnancy counselling
    • Sex education
    • Mother-child flat house
    • Parent-child cafés
    • Second-hand shops for children's clothing

    Map of family sponsors
    Flyer of family sponsors

  • Get involved

    The best opportunity to do good!

    The Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Home Affairs has a lot of information ready. Have fun browsing!

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