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Beckum City Centre Disposal Fund

- Continuation of the funding programme

In order to provide financial support for private ideas for the upgrading and revitalisation of the city centre, the council of the city of Beckum adopted a revised guideline for the granting of subsidies within the framework of the Verfügungsfonds Innenstadt Beckum (Guideline for the Verfügungsfonds Innenstadt Beckum) on 13 February 2020.

Do you work or live in the city centre? Or own a property there?
And you have fresh ideas for our city centre?

The city of Beckum has once again set up the Verfügungsfonds Innenstadt Beckum to promote private commitment. If your project enhances the inner city, you can receive a grant from the Verfügungsfonds. The Verfügungsfonds Innenstadt Beckum is one of numerous measures from the Integrated Action and Measures Concept Innenstadt Beckum 2012 (IHMK).

Funding is available, for example, for projects that contribute to a revitalisation of the retail and hospitality sectors or to a positive development of the townscape and business space environment. Measures that have already been started cannot be considered.

Present your project to us - we look forward to hearing your idea!
Or would you like to support the ideas of others financially and pay into the Verfügungsfonds? That is also possible! Owners, residents, business people, associations and other inner city actors who are located in the funding area are eligible to apply. We have compiled the most important information about the Verfügungsfonds in a flyer for you; details can be found in the funding guidelines.

Let us advise you by telephone or in a personal meeting!

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