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Courtyard and Facade Programme City Centre Beckum

Courtyard and Facade Programme City Centre Beckum

Are you planning a new coat of paint or other beautification of your property?

Then you can - provided the eligibility requirements are met - apply for a grant from the City of Beckum as part of the urban development funding. On 13.02.2020, the council of the city of Beckum again adopted a guideline for the granting of subsidies within the framework of the Hof- und Fassadenprogramm Innenstadt Beckum (Guideline for the Hof- und Fassadenprogramm Innenstadt Beckum).

Attractive facades enhance the city centre
The financial support is intended to stimulate private investment. The facades of the houses are the faces of the streets. Attractive facades enhance the inner city and the image of the entire location. The federal government, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the city of Beckum are therefore promoting measures for façade improvement, unsealing, greening and much more in a defined area of Beckum's inner city (promotion area). These include, for example, the improvement of facades and the improvement of courtyard and garden areas or the removal of sealing.

Are you eligible to apply?
Owners and leaseholders of buildings, structures and land located in the assisted area are eligible to apply. The inner city Beckum courtyard and façade programme is one of numerous measures from the integrated action and measures concept for inner city Beckum 2012 (IHMK). You can find out whether your property is also in the assisted area and what else you need to consider in the information listed or by contacting Ms. Grothues at the Urban Planning and Economic Development Department. If your property is a listed building, it will be examined on a case-by-case basis whether funding from the Courtyard and Facade Programme is possible.

Let us advise you by telephone or in a personal meeting!

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