City anniversary 2024

14 projects are funded

An inter-factional working group had examined the project proposals received together with the administration. The resulting proposals were unanimously accepted by the Main, Finance and Digital Committee at its last meeting.

The following projects are funded:

1. "Beckum - to one table"

A picnic in the centre of Beckum. Since eating together in particular brings people together and there is good cooperation between the numerous groups in Beckum, this is to be made visible in a long row of tables (via Hühlstraße, Nordstraße, Markt and Kirchplatz) where old and young can meet for a picnic and conversation.

(Provost Parish of St. Stephanus, Catholic Parish of St. Franziskus, Parish of Neubeckum and Protestant Parish of Beckum)

Promotion: 3,000 euros

2nd "Cantemus Dominum" - 800 years of church singing in Beckum

An essential part of the history of the town of Beckum is the life of St. Stephen's Church and, above all, church music. Together with the Cross-Over Choir under the direction of Veronika te Reh and with an instrumental ensemble, the history is to be traced in a large concert from the Gregorian period through the various epochs to the present day.

(Männergesangsverein 1893 Beckum e. V.)

Promotion: 3,000 euros

3. soapbox race

The Catholic Rural Youth Movement would like to organise a soapbox race in Beckum. The boxes are to be built by the teams themselves beforehand. The Catholic Rural Youth Movement will secure the track, coordinate the registrations and organise the race.

(Catholic Rural Youth Movement)

Promotion: 1,200 euros

4. installation of concrete tomcat figures in the city

The members of the City.Initiative.Beckum would like to place tomcats as concrete figures all over the city. The tomcats, which are modelled on the Murr tomcat and the Kater carnival float, are intended to create identity with the central symbol of the city of Beckum.


Promotion: 3,000 euros

5. creation of a Beckum work of art from 100 individual parts 

The work consists of 100 individual pictures (20 x 20 centimetres) painted by Beckum residents and will finally be assembled into a large picture.


Promotion: 1,500 euros

6th Travelling Exhibition - Youth Project "Favourite Places

With this project, the association would like to motivate young people to take a closer look at their home town of Beckum on the occasion of the town's anniversary and to photographically record their "favourite places". This will create a generational perspective on our city, which may also hold some surprises in store.

(Association for the Promotion of Town Twinning of the City of Beckum e. V.)

Promotion: 3,000 euros

7th People's Cycling with the "Radsportfreunde 67 Ahlen e.V." (Cycling Friends 67 Ahlen)

Through this cooperation, an exchange between the anniversary cities of Ahlen and Beckum should take place on one day. Events at the starting and intermediate points in Ahlen and Beckum would be a good setting. A short family route is also being considered (approx. 12 kilometres; only on the Beckum town area). This event could take the form of a scavenger hunt with questions about the history of Beckum (and Ahlen).

(Cycling Club "All Heil" 1897/1919 Beckum e. V.)

Promotion: 1,750 euros

8th Beckum Rally as a journey through time

In the jubilee year 2024, the jubilee year 2024 is to be celebrated in a cycling-active way by a bicycle rally in the form of a permanent event over approximately 3 weeks with a reference to the city jubilee.

(Cycling Club "All Heil" 1897/1919 Beckum e. V.)

Promotion: 2,150 euros

9. "Among us

In the photo series with the focus on "People in Beckum in voluntary work", full-body pictures or ¾-portraits are to be taken in front of local backgrounds. The people depicted will thus have the opportunity to tell their stories and feel part of the community.

(Matthias Gödde)

Promotion: 4,500 euros

10th Walking Act and Dance Performance for the Jubilee Weekend 

The Tanzsportclub Neubeckum would like to perform historical dances from the founding period of the town of Beckum. For this purpose, original choreographies of medieval dances in true-to-the-original costumes will be performed.

(TSC Rot-Gold e. V. Neubeckum)

Promotion: 1,050 euros

11th Citizens' Brunch in Oststraße

The real estate and location association "Wir von der Oststraße" is planning an event on Oststraße as part of the 800th anniversary of the town of Beckum, which can be assigned to the focus "entertainment and conviviality".

(Real estate and location association "Wir von der Oststraße" e. V.)

Promotion: 2,625 euros

12th "French Evening

The music and French departments of the Albertus Magnus Gymnasium would like to organise a French evening. The focus will be on a chanson concert with Jean-Claude Séférian. The pupils will also include art and culinary delights as well as the town twinning.

(Albertus Magnus Grammar School)

Promotion: 1,300 euros

13th Beach Volleyball Tournament at Aktivpark Phoenix

A beach volleyball tournament at the Phoenix Active Park is set to be an exciting sporting event to be held as part of Beckum's 800th anniversary celebrations. The tournament will be a great attraction for locals and visitors and will promote enthusiasm for sport and the community in Beckum.

(Volleyball and Basketball Club e. V.)

Funding: 270 euros. A grant of 701 euros in total would be possible.

14th Youth Football Tournament

A youth football tournament as part of the 800th anniversary of the town of Beckum is to bring together all Beckum football teams (Beckumer Spielvereinigung, SC Roland, Rot-Weiß Vellern, SV Neubeckum) as well as teams from the twin towns of La Celle St.-Cloud, Heringsdorf and Grodków. The tournament aims to create a common platform for exchange and cooperation between children and young people. The focus is not only on the sporting competition, but also on getting to know and understanding other cultures as well as bringing host families and young people together.

(Beckumer Spielvereinigung 10/05 Youth Department)

Promotion: 1,224 euros

This means that the earmarked sum of 30,000 euros has been exhausted.

City anniversary 2024