Budget planning 2024 of the city of Beckum

Budget 2024 introduced: the continued existence of local self-government is at stake

"We are facing huge challenges and are largely being left to deal with them alone. The federal and state governments are unable or unwilling to support us to the extent that would be necessary and our duty. And that is why we - politicians and administration - must take responsibility right now and make the right decisions to ensure that the town of Beckum can continue to act in the future. If we don't do this, we will soon no longer be able to shape things, but will have to make do, for better or worse, with compulsory tasks and decisions on impositions," explained the mayor in his budget speech at the council meeting on 19 December.

Draft budget 2024
The 2024 profit plan shows income of around 123.4 million euros. This is offset by expenses of around 128.0 million euros. The bottom line - despite tax increases - is an annual deficit of around 4.6 million euros. The budget can be notionally balanced thanks to the equalisation reserve.

Investment borrowing of a maximum of around 7.1 million euros is to be permitted in 2024.

Tax increases necessary
The assessment rate for property tax A is to increase by 51 points to 286 points, while the assessment rate for property tax B is to rise by 94 points to 529 points. For a typical household, implementing the mayor and treasurer's proposal for property tax B would mean an additional burden of around 95 euros per year.

Trade tax is to be raised by 14 points to 439 points.

The tax increases are expected to generate around 2 million euros in additional revenue. In view of the liquidity development of the city of Beckum, this additional income is needed.

Modesty required
Treasurer Thomas Wulf emphasises that the future must be more about modesty: "We certainly don't need more of everything and we don't need new things all the time. However desirable it may be. We need to maintain our infrastructure and adapt it as required."

Higher expenditure
On the debit side, there are higher personnel and material costs in particular. The latest wage settlements and general inflation are not sparing the budget. The rising district levy will also make itself felt in subsequent years. Compared to 2023, expenses will increase by over 13.5 million euros.

The following major investments (from EUR 500,000) are planned for 2024:

  • An amount of 950,000 euros has been budgeted for the completion of the fire and rescue station in Neubeckum.
  • 1 million euros have been set aside for the planning work for the Beckum fire and rescue station.
  • 992,000 euros are being channelled into the near-natural development of the Kollenbach, including flood protection.
  • The planned new construction of the Sonnenschule will cost the municipal budget 750,000 euros in 2024.
  • The schoolyard at the comprehensive school in Neubeckum is to be remodelled at a cost of 574,000 euros.
  • Around 1.7 million euros have been earmarked for the renovation of the pantile roof of the VHS in the Antoniusschule.
  • The renovation of the cement road is scheduled to begin in 2024, for which 755,000 euros have been set aside.
  • The development of the construction area in Roland is to be financed with 910,000 euros.
  • The first part of the main development in Obere Brede is to be completed at a cost of 835,000 euros.

Following the presentation of the draft budget for 2024, the parliamentary groups will enter into budget consultations. The budget statutes are to be adopted at the council meeting on 7 March.

Speech by the mayor

Speech by the Treasurer

Draft budget 2024

Budget and investments