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Result better than expected

The far above-average development of trade tax (20.3 million euros were budgeted - 26.8 million euros were actually collected) and a state allocation of 808,000 euros for budget burdens caused by Corona are the major items that led to a significantly better result than originally expected.

5.3 million surplus increases equity
Thomas Wulf proposed to the council that the surplus of €5.3 million be transferred to the equalisation reserve in 2022. This would give the city of Beckum an equalisation reserve of 11.8 million euros, which is urgently needed to cover deficits in subsequent years. In 2022, expenses of around 113.7 million euros will be offset by income of around 119.0 million euros.

The following resolutions were also passed:

The 2022 annual financial statements for the municipal companies and the municipal wastewater company were unanimously approved and the respective operating committees were discharged.

Inclusion plan to be updated
The new edition of the inclusion plan to implement the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was also adopted. Barriers need to be continuously removed in many areas so that all people can live together on an equal footing and participate in all areas of life.

Yellow bin remains
The council also unanimously decided to continue collecting lightweight packaging via the yellow bin every 14 days.

Committee seeks further cultural expertise
In future, the cultural initiative Filou e. V. will send an advisory member to the school, culture and sports committee.

You can read these and other resolutions in the minutes in the Council information system.

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