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Münsterland e. V. introduces itself

Münsterland e. V. markets the tourist attractions of Münsterland and is responsible for the further development of the region. Managing Director Klaus Ehling explained what the association, which comprises 66 towns and municipalities as well as around 300 companies and institutions, is currently focusing on. The application for the Regionale (for example in 2030) is currently being prepared, with the prospect of receiving special funding for culture or tourism. Such a structural funding programme has never been seen before in the entire Münsterland region.

Picnics are a marketing vehicle for the Münsterland region. "What a beer garden is to Bavaria, a picnic in the countryside is to us," emphasised Ehling. This can be easily combined with a cycle tour.

"Münsterland has the lowest unemployment rate in North Rhine-Westphalia," said Ehling. The shortage of skilled labour is also an increasing problem here, which Münsterland e. V. wants to counter with various projects, including support with onboarding, an employer network or welcome events for skilled workers or returnees.

The Münsterland is also a model eco-region for more organic products on the plate.

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2 Sundays open for business approved
The council meeting also approved the regulatory ordinances for Sundays open for business on 26 May as part of the Neubeckum town festival and on 9 June as part of the big anniversary weekend.

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